Clara Sosa from Paraguay is the winner of Miss Grand International 2018! Mexico in TOP 10!

The Thursday finale of Miss Grand International 2018 ended with … swooning and coronation of the new miss. The winner of this year’s edition of the election was 24-year-old Clara Sosa from Paraguay, who defeated 75 contenstants from around the world, including representatives from India (2nd place), Indonesia (3rd place), Puerto Rico (4th place) and Japan (5th place). The Mexican – Lezly Díaz was promoted to the TOP 10, while the Polish – Malwina Ratajczak, unfortunately, was not successful. 

Clara Sosa is 174 cm tall, is a TV presenter, a law school student and a professional cook. She loves to cook, practice and watch movies. Her dream is to have her own restaurant and win a Michelin stars.

        (Clara Sosa during the preliminaries of Miss Grand International 2018, photo: Miss Grand International)

As she says about herself, she is a very hardworking and independent person. She loves animals, children and his family. She doesn’t go to parties and discos, she doesn’t smoke cigarettes and not drink alcohol.

         (photo: Miss Grand International)

The moment of results announcement caused many emotions because the winner fainted on the stage!

        (Miss Paraguay fainted shortly after the announcement of the result, photo: AP / PTI)

Fortunately, she quickly regained consciousness and last year’s winner could crown her.

        (Miss Grand International 2018 coronation, photo: Miss Grand International)

The TOP 5 of the competition included Meenakshi Kumar from India (first runner up), Nadia Purwoko from Indonesia (second runner up), Nicole Colón from Puerto Rico (third runner up) and Haruka Oda from Japan (fourth runner up).

        (From left: Miss India, Miss Indonesia, Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Japan, photo: Miss Grand International)

The Mexican representative, 23-year-old Lezly Diaz was promoted to the TOP 10 and she was the first Mexican in this competition history, who was so successful.

        (Lezly Diaz during the final of Miss Grand International 2018, photo by Miss Grand International)

Lezly was also in TOP 5 internet voting for the Best National Costume and in TOP 10 Popular Vote voting.

        (Lezly Diaz during the National Costumes Competition and Evening Gown Presentation, photo: Miss Grand International)

The Polish representative, 19-year-old Malwina Ratajczak, was less fortunate. Despite a great grouping and a successful show during the preliminaries, she did not get promotion to the TOP 20. After all, great congratulations!

        (Malwina Ratajczak at the Miss Grand International 2018 final, photo: Miss Grand International)

          (Malwina Ratajczak during the preliminaries of Miss Grand International 2018, photo: Miss Grand International)


Place: Country: Full name:
1st Runner-Up  India Meenakshi Chaudhary
2nd Runner-Up Indonesia Nadia Purwoko
3rd Runner-Up Puerto Rico Nicole Marie Colón
4th Runner-Up Japan Haruka Oda
TOP 10  Dominican Republic





Mayté Brito

Lezly Viridiana Díaz

Patricia López Verdes

Biliannis Álvarez

Nga Phương Bùi

TOP 20  Australia


Costa Rica



New Zealand



Sri Lanka



Kimberly Gundani

Gabrielle Vilela

Nicole Menayo

Gladys Carredeguas

Aim Isengalieva

Hayley Robinson

Andrea Moberg

Taliya Aybedullina

Pawani Vithanage

Hanna-Louise Haag Tuvér

Moss Namoey Chanaphan

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