Miss Earth 2018: Singapore – Zambia

Miss Earth 2018 grouping is taking place in the Philippines. Eighty-eight candidates from all of the world compete for the crown of the most beautiful Earthling. Among the participants are representatives of Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Thailand, Tonga, Trinidad & Tobago, Ukraine, USA, Venezuela, Vietnam and Zambia. Here are some basic information about beautiful women! 


Full Name: Kara Dong;

Age: 19;

Height: 175 cm;

Measurements: 89/68/91;

Hometown: Singapore;

Profession: student of environmental science;




Full Name: Danijela Burjan;

Age: 22;

Height: 171 cm;

Measurements: 84/61/91;

Hometown: Zreče;

Profession: student of veterinary science;




Full Name: Margo Fargo;

Age: 26;

Height: 174 cm;

Measurements: 81/63/93;

Hometown: Heidedal;

Profession: graduate of consumer sciences;




Full Name: Carolina Jane;

Age: 22;

Height: 169 cm;

Measurements: 90/62/92;

Hometown: Cantabria;

Profession: student of high school;




Full Name: Nathasha Fernando;

Age: 21;

Height: 172 cm;

Measurements: 91/68/94;

Hometown: Matara;

Profession: student of computer network;




Full Name: Yasmine Michelle Mindru;

Age: 19;

Height: 167 cm;

Measurements: 84/63/83;

Hometown: Gothernburg;

Profession: student of high school;




Full Name: Nirada Chetsadapriyakun;

Age: 26;

Height: 172 cm;

Measurements: 81/61/69;

Hometown: Amnat Charoen;

Profession: teacher;





Full Name: Maria Aholelei Jonesse;

Age: 21;

Height: 176 cm;

Measurements: 86/68/94;

Hometown: Nukalofa;

Profession: bar tender, Polynesian performer;




Full Name: Afeya Jeffrey;

Age: 26;

Height: 176 cm;

Measurements: 86/66/97;

Hometown: Point Fortin;

Profession: fitness instructor, dance teacher, physiotherapy intern, administrative assistant;




Full Name: Anastasiia Kryvokhyzha;  

Age: 23;

Height: 177 cm;

Measurements: 86/61/91;

Hometown: Kiev;

Profession: student of international economics;




Full Name: Yashvi Aware;

Age: 25;

Height: 167 cm;

Measurements: 81/63/91;

Hometown: Washington;

Profession: behavior therapist;




Full Name: Diana Carolina Silva;

Age: 21;

Height: 178 cm;

Measurements: 89/61/91;

Hometown: Barquisimeto;

Profession: student of social communication and advertising;





Full Name: Phương Khánh Nguyễn;

Age: 23;

Height: 171 cm;

Measurements: 82/58/93;

Hometown: Bến Tre;

Profession: student of marketing;




Full Name: Margret Konie;

Age: 21;

Height: 170 cm;

Measurements: 86/63/89;

Hometown: Lusaka;

Profession: entreprenuer;



Photo: Miss Earth (14)

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