Miss Earth 2018: Japan – Northern Ireland

Miss Earth 2018 grouping is taking place in the Philippines. Eighty-eight candidates from all of the world compete for the crown of the most beautiful Earthling. Among the participants are representatives of Japan, Korea, Liberia, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Moldova, Montenegro, Myanmar, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria and Northern Ireland. Here are some basic information about beautiful women! 


Full Name: Mio Tanaka;

Age: 24;

Height: 179 cm;

Measurements: 84/61/89;

Hometown: Komatsu;

Profession: model;




Full Name: Suhyun Song;

Age: 25;

Height: 175 cm;

Measurements: 86/61/94;

Hometown: Daegu;

Profession: model, actress, student of broadcasting & entertainment;



Full Name: Joicet Jartu Foday;

Age: 23;

Height: 173 cm;

Measurements: 76/61/86;

Hometown: Monrovia;

Profession: fashion designer, student;





Full Name: Jasmine Yeo;

Age: 25;

Height: 179 cm;

Measurements: 91/66/101;

Hometown: Kuching;

Profession: entrepreneur;





Full Name: Yanika Azzopardi;

Age: 22;

Height: 167 cm;

Measurements: 89/64/94;

Hometown: Mosta;

Profession: store advisor;




Full Name: Kirty Sujeewon;

Age: 26;

Height: 166 cm;

Measurements: 78/66/89;

Hometown: Fond du Sac;

Profession: customer service assistant;




Full Name: Melissa Flores;

Age: 20;

Height: 182 cm;

Measurements: 90/60/90;

Hometown: Venustiano Carranza, Michoacán;

Profession: student of psychology;




Full Name: Dumitrița Izbișciuc;

Age: 18;

Height: 175 cm;

Measurements: 92/65/92;

Hometown: Chisinau;

Profession: student of college;




Full Name: Katarina Šećković;

Age: 24;

Height: 179 cm;

Measurements: 89/61/89;

Hometown: Bijelo Polje;

Profession: profesor of English language and literature;




Full Name: Chaw Yu Par Thet;  

Age: 24;

Height: 165 cm;

Measurements: 91/53/89;

Hometown: Yangon;

Profession: student of hospitality and tourism;




Full Name: Priya Sigdel;

Age: 23;

Height: 178 cm;

Measurements: 88/68/99;

Hometown: Kathmandu;

Profession: social entrepreneur;




Full Name: Margaretha de Jong;

Age: 21;

Height: 177 cm;

Measurements: 84/66/93;

Hometown: Friesland;

Profession: ambassador, healthcare spokeswoman;




Full Name: Jzayla Hughey;

Age: 22;

Height: 166 cm;

Measurements: 79/64/94;

Hometown: Auckland;

Profession: marketing assistant, customer service representantive;




Full Name: Maristella Okpala;

Age: 25;

Height: 176 cm;

Measurements: 81/64/94;

Hometown: Enugu;

Profession: model, cabin crew;




Full Name: Christie van Schalkwyk;

Age: 24;

Height: 170 cm;

Measurements: 76/73/91;

Hometown: Emerald Isle;

Profession: anti-money laundering officer;




Photo. Miss Earth (15)

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