Vicent Llorach with the Manhunt International 2018 title! Manhunt Poland in TOP 16!

23-year-old Vicent Llorach from Spain was declared the winner of Manhunt International 2018. TOP 5 also included representatives of Australia (2nd place), Netherlands (3rd place), Philippines (4th place) and Vietnam (5th place). Patryk Tomaszewski – Manhunt Poland 2018 also succeeded! He was promoted to TOP 16 semi-final! This year’s finale of this oldest male beauty contest took place in Gold Coast, Australia. Twenty-eight participants took part in it. 

Q1 Resort & Spa Hotel in Gold Coast was the host of the few days grouping and grand finale of the Manhunt International 2018. Many attractions awaited the participants, including karaoke competition, coast tour, boxing training or interviews on local television.

During the grand finale, the pretenders for Manhunt International title presented in national costumes. They also took part in swimwear and elegant suits show.

The winner of this year’s Manhunt International edition was a 23-year-old Vicent Llorach from Spain. This handsome model comes from Valencia. Vicent is 193 cm tall and he is educator. Llorach is a graduate of sports sciences. Currently, he is studying early school education. He loves physical activity and playing basketball. He likes to travel and get to know new cultures and people.

        (fot. Manhunt International)

TOP 5 was completed by 22-year-old Dale Maher from Australia (2nd place), 21-year-old Luca Derin from Netherlands (3rd place), 25-year-old Jeff Langan from Philippines (4th place) and 25-year-old Mai Tuấn Anh from Vietnam.

       (from the left: Australia, Netherlands, Philippines, Vietnam, photo. Manhunt International)

       (from the left: Philippines, Australia, Spain, Netherlands, Vietnam, photo. Manhunt International)

The representatives of Indonesia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Japan, Lebanon, Nepal, Poland, Puerto Rico, Sweden and United Kingdom qualified for TOP 16.

       (from the left: Indonesia, Belgium, Brazil, China, photo. Manhunt International)

       (from the left: Japan, Lebanon, Nepal, Poland, photo. Manhunt International)

                       (from the left: Puerto Rico, Sweden, United Kingdom, photo. Manhunt International)



Place: Country: Full Name: 
MANHUNT INTERNATIONAL’18 Spain  Vicent Llorach
2nd Place Australia Dale Maher
3rd Place Netherlands Luca Derin
4th Place Philippines Jeff Langan
5th Place Vietnam Mai Tuấn Anh
TOP 16 Indonesia








Puerto Rico


United Kingdom

Ahsan Hariri

Mohamed Mahouk

Jonatas Zanette

Chong-Geng Ryan Xi

Fujita Yusuke

Patrick Dahrieh

Dhruba Budhathoki

Patryk Tomaszewski

Karlwiz Gutierrez

Mattias Coleman

Jack Heslewood


You can read more about the Polish representative, 26-year-old Patryk Tomaszewski from Lublin under the link:

Manhunt International 2018: Poland

Photo. Manhunt International 

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