Miss World 2018: Belarus – Cameroon

Already this Saturday, December 8, we will know who is the winner of this year’s Miss World edition. The grouping, during which 118 candidates compete in mini-competitions („fast tracks”) and take part in events is slowly coming to end in China. Among the pretenders to the crown are  representatives of Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Bolivia, Bosnia & Herzegowina, Botswana, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Bulgaria and Cameroon. Here are some basic information about second group of contestants. 




Full Name: Maria Vasilevich

Age: 21

Height: 176 cm

Hometown: Minsk

Education/Profession: student of economics and management

Hobbies: drawing, theatres and art galleries, dancing, sports (roller-skating, cycling and horse riding).






Full Name: Angeline Flor Pua

Age: 23

Height: 168 cm

Hometown: Antwerp

Education/Profession: student pilot

Hobbies: flying, skydiving, running, dancing, swimming  baking, reading.







Full Name: Jalyssa Arthurs

Age: 18

Height: 165 cm

Hometown: Santa Elena

Education/Profession: student of Biology and English Literature

Hobbies: reading (Shakespeare’s books), playing volleyball, dancing, singing.







Full Name: Vanessa Vargas

Age: 23

Height: 173 cm

Hometown: Cochabamba

Education/Profession: graduate of architecture

Hobbies: dancing, Volleyball, painting, writing poetry, dancing, playing the piano.







Full Name: Anđela Paleksić

Age: 20

Height: 180 cm

Hometown: Sarajevo

Education/Profession: student of Serbian Language and Literature

Hobbies: film animation, acting, handicrafts.







Full Name: Moitshepi Elias

Age: 24

Height: 168 cm

Hometown: Gaborone

Education/Profession: graduate of finance/account manager

Hobbies: swimming, listening traditional music (Setswana), traditional dance (Setswana).






Full Name: Jéssica Carvalho

Age: 22

Height: 170 cm

Hometown: Parnaíba

Education/Profession: student of medicine/model

Hobbies: medicine, playing handball, body building, singing.







Full Name: Yadali Thomas Santos

Age: 21

Height: 168 cm

Hometown: Tortola

Education/Profession: graduate of architecture/architect of public works

Hobbies: music, plays the flute, art, writing, film making.







Full Name: Kalina Miteva

Age: 19

Height: 175 cm

Hometown: Sofia

Education/Profession: student of international business and management / model

Hobbies: ice skating, volleyball, football, skiing, folklore dancing.






Full Name: Aimée Caroline Nseke

Age: 22


Hometown: Yaounde

Education/Profession: student of business law

Hobbies: fitness, golf, cooking, listening to music.






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