Miss World 2018: Canada – Czech Republic

Already this Saturday, December 8, we will know who is the winner of this year’s Miss World edition. The grouping, during which 118 candidates compete in mini-competitions („fast tracks”) and take part in events is slowly coming to end in China. Among the pretenders to the crown are representatives of Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, China, Colombia, Cook Islands, Croatia, Curacao, Cyprus and Czech Republic. Here are some basic information about third group of contestants. 




Full Name: Hanna Begovic

Age: 19

Height: 176 cm

Hometown: Vaughan

Education/Profession: student of dance/dance teacher

Hobbies: arts, playing golf, make-up artistry, face painting.







Full Name: Kelsie Woodman-Bodden

Age: 22

Height: 158 cm

Hometown: George Town

Education/Profession: graduate of accounting/accountant, auditor

Hobbies: boxing, snorkelling, dancing, food is Cayman-style.







Full Name: Anahí Hormazábal

Age: 20

Height: 175 cm

Hometown: Santiago

Education/Profession: student of Foreign Trade Engineering/model

Hobbies: travelling, yoga, trekking, zumba, fitness, singing, dancing, Kagaya Art.







Full Name: Peirui Mao

Age: 26

Height: 177 cm

Hometown: Yinchuan

Education/Profession: general director of education technology company

Hobbies: playing the piano, biking, hiking, musicals.







Full Name: Laura Osorio

Age: 22

Height: 176 cm

Hometown: Medellin

Education/Profession: student of Industrial Engineering

Hobbies: cycling, kick boxing, skating, horse riding, extreme sports, dancing.







Full Name: Reihanna Koteka-Wiki

Age: 26

Height: 177 cm

Hometown: Rarotonga

Education/Profession: graduate of psychology/ entrepreneur, fitness instructor, diver

Hobbies: diving, hiking.







Full Name: Ivana Mudnić-Dujmina

Age: 17

Height: 183 cm

Hometown: Split

Education/Profession: tourism student/model

Hobbies: sport (basketball).







Full Name: Nazira Colastica

Age: 18

Height: 174 cm

Hometown: Willemstad

Education/Profession: student/founder of the E Awards Foundation

Hobbies: painting, poetry, playing the percussion, traditional dancing, football, volleyball, Eskrima.






Full Name: Adriánna Fiakká

Age: 19

Height: 172 cm

Hometown: Nicosia

Education/Profession: model

Hobbies: painting, Latin dancing, volleyball, reading historic novels.







Full Name: Kateřina Kasanová

Age: 19

Height: 177 cm

Hometown: Semily

Education/Profession: student of International Trade and Business

Hobbies: Jiu Jitsu, table tennis, volleyball, tennis, playing the piano.






Photo. FOT. Miss World (5), Simon Pitcher, Instagram, Star Now, Turkutin Media, Miss Czech Republic 


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