Miss Polonia 2018 – candidates, part. 4

The final of the jubilee 40th edition of the Miss Polonia will take place today at the Narvil Conference & Spa hotel in Sorock! The winners of this oldest beauty contest in Poland will represent the country in world, prestigious competitions – Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss Grand International. Twenty candidates are competing for the crown of Miss Polonia 2018. Another four finalist are Oliwia Fijałkowska, Natalia Zawiślak, Magdalena Czech and Teresa Milgiewicz. Here are the basic information about the fourth group of finalists. 




Full Name: Oliwia Fijałkowska

Age: 21

Height: 177 cm

Hometown: Chełm

Province: Lublin (Lubelskie)

Profession: cosmetic services technician, cosmetology student in Lublin;

Hobbies: traveling, swimming, running, cycling.



Oliwia is a young, ambitious person who knows what she wants in life. She can infect others with her optimism. She often adds confidence to others. She dreams about working in the entertainment industry because she feels very good in front of the camera and camera lens. She considers the Miss Polonia competition to be one of the most known and prestigious competitions.




Full Name: Natalia Zawiślak         

Age: 19

Height: 177 cm

Hometown: Kutno

Province: Lodzkie (Łódzkie)

Profession: Economics student at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń

Hobbies: fashion, visage, healthy lifestyle, reading, running, cycling;



Natalia is a patient, creative and open to new experiences. She loves meeting new people. In the future, she would like to visit various corners of the world, including United States and Italy. The inspiration for her is a trainer and karate contestant – Anna Lewandowska. Natalia wants to pursue her purposes and fulfill herself as a woman. Participation in Miss Polonia allowed her to experience an amazing adventure and meet interesting people.




Full Name: Magdalena Czech 

Age: 23

Height: 178 cm

Hometown: Opoczno

Province: Lodzkie (Łódzkie)

Profession: pharmacy student at the Medical University of Lodz

Hobbies: bike riding, long walks



Magdalena is an ambitious and open person. She is not afraid of new challenges and is happy to take them. She co-creates preventive and charity campaigns for health. She dreams about traveling through the most beautiful national parks around the world. The inspiration for her is a neurobiologist, prof. Jerzy Vetulani, who was never afraid to preach his own views. Participation in Miss Polonia is a unique opportunity to find her way of life.




Full Name: Teresa Milgiewicz

Age: 25

Height: 179 cm

Hometown: Gdańsk

Province: Pomerania (Pomorskie)

Profession: model, animator, hostess

Hobbies: traveling, fashion, art, visage, cycling



Teresa loves challenges and new experiences. She is energetic and she likes to make new friends and help others. She dreams about visiting the whole world and working with outstanding photographers – Kat Irlin and Mario Testino. She would also like to learn to play the guitar and become a student of journalism. Her friend persuaded her to participate in the Miss Polonia competition. Teresa also has a weakness for frisbee and sweetness.


Photo. Miss Polonia (4)

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