Elimination to Miss Egzotica 2019!

Organizers of Miss Egzotica announced the recruitment for the next edition of this election! The eliminations for Miss Egzotica 2019 will take place on Saturday, November 3 this year, from 16:00 – 21:00 at Nova Maska Club in Warsaw! The competition is open to girls and married women from foreign countries, but living in Poland, or having parents/one of their parents of foreign origin! Applications should be sent via e-mail to biuro@missegzotica.pl

Elimination to the Miss Egzotica will include interview with the organizers and a photo session. Take your own outfit: dress, swimsuit and high-heeled shoes.

The final of Miss Egzotica 2019 will take place on Sunday, February 10 in the Blue City shopping centre in Warsaw.

The Miss Egzotica International project is addressed to people living in Poland who come from foreign countries, whose parents (or one of their parents) came to Poland, settled in Poland, started work, studied, and started families. The project aims to spread knowledge about other countries, cultures, problems, minorities, combating discrimination, in particular on the basis of skin colour, age, gender, worldview, origin or nationality.

The project shows Poland as a attractive country in terms of economy, education and climate for other nations. On the other hand, it makes us realize that Polish women represent not only a typical ‘Slavic’ type of beauty – we can read on the Miss Egzotica’s official website.


Photo. Miss Egzotica 

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