Karina Pochwała – Miss Earth Poland 2018 finalist

At the beginning of September, we will get to know the Polish woman’s name, who will represent our country in the final of Miss Earth 2018 in November, in the Philippines. Among the dozen candidates who fighting for the honorable title and the crown of Miss Earth Poland 2018 is 24-years-old Karina Pochwała. Here are some basic information about a beautiful citizen of Koszalin. What is she interested? On what environmental problem would she pay the most attention as a new miss and how would she present Poland in the world? Check it! 

Full name: Karina Pochwała

Age: 24

Height: 177 cm

Measurements: 83/60/90

Hometown: Koszalin

City of residence: Szczecin

Nationality: Polish

Profession: Journalism student, model

Hobbies: baking cakes, cooking, playing the piano


  1. The Miss Earth competition aims to promote ecological awareness. For what modern environmental problems would you pay the most attention as the new Miss Earth Poland?

The biggest problem is definitely the tree cut of tropical forests. Felling of trees will not only kill thousands of animal species, but it will also lead to climate change on the globe. Tropical forests cover 10 million km2 of the world’s humidest areas. Almost all these areas are located in third World’s countries. These forests are treated by the inhabitants as a source of income. Hospitals, schools and economic development are financed by the sale of wood. The population in these areas is constantly increasing. They need food and land for life. For tchem wood is building material and heating. When the land becomes barren, they move deep into the forest and establish new settlements. Such a lifestyle leads to the disappearance of various species of animals and plants and the degradation of the earth.

A very important matter for us is the fact that the atmosphere was created partly from the exchange of nitrogen and carbon dioxide occurring on the plants during the transformation of sunlight into energy. Therefore, tropical forests are also called “lungs of the earth”. The tree cut of tropical forests leads to the destruction of rivers and climate change. If the forest does not absorb water, the rain changes the river system and causes floods. On the other hand, if it is not raining, the soil dries up.

I know that the poverty and education’s lack of people living in the rainforest areas will one day lead to ecological disaster of the earth. So let’s save the tropical forests, the homeland of many species of plants and animals because there is a danger that they will disappear from the face of the earth until the end of the 21st century.

  1. As Miss Earth Poland, you would represent our country in the Miss Earth beauty pageant, where dozens of women from around the world fight for the title. How would you describe Poland and Polish people for your friends from different parts of the world?

Our Poland is the homeland of many traditions, beautiful landscapes and exceptional nature. We are lucky that in our country there are numerous mountain ranges, the Baltic Sea, rivers and lakes and vast forests. Moderate climate favors the development of fauna and flora. Poland is also the cradle of eminent writers, painters and scientists who are known all throughout the world. We are famous for hospitality and courtesy. Poles as a nation are heroic, hardworking and helpful people. They have often shown throughout history that they are able to overcome every obstacle and fight for freedom.



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