Żaklina Gnarowska – Miss Earth Poland 2018 finalist

At the beginning of September, we will get to know the Polish woman’s name, who will represent our country in the final of Miss Earth 2018 in November, in the Philippines. Among the dozen candidates who fighting for the honorable title and the crown of Miss Earth Poland 2018 is 26-years-old Żaklina Gnarowska. Here are some basic information about a beautiful citizen of Połczyn Zdrój. What is she interested? On what environmental problem would she pay the most attention as a new miss and how would she present Poland in the world? Check it! 

Full name: Żaklina Gnarowska

Age: 26

Height: 176 cm

Measurements: 89/63/93

Hometown: Połczyn Zdrój

City of residence: Warsaw

Nationality: Polish

Profession: Dental technician, Hearing technician

Hobbies: fashion, travel, sport, psychology


  1. The Miss Earth competition aims to promote ecological awareness. For what modern environmental problems would you pay the most attention as the new Miss Earth Poland?

People more and more often value natural clothes, food, cook themselves, go away from eating animals, do not wear clothes from their skins.

The biggest problem is chemistry in food and genetic modifications which causes autoimmune diseases. Eating meat and wearing clothing from the skin of animals causes loss of compassion and sensitivity which affects interpersonal relationships.

More and more people are slowing down the pace of life – to live consciously, they grow vegetables, fruits, use natural cleaners and natural cosmetics.

Consumerism of the 21st century, as well as technological progress and our human pursuit of perfection, unfortunately, do not go hand in hand with nature. We should stop interfering with forests and water, let them continue and grow as they allow us to exist in the world.

  1. As Miss Earth Poland, you would represent our country in the Miss Earth beauty pageant, where dozens of women from around the world fight for the title. How would you describe Poland and Polish people for your friends from different parts of the world?

Poland is a country with a great history that did not save us. Poles are very hospitable and helpful. Often guests are treated like family members. Each region of Poland can boast of its diversity. A country rich in forests, lakes, the sea from the north and the mountain from the south. Thanks to this, you can use every season in Poland and this is amazing! We like to eat but also to cook.

Interesting fact – in the seventeenth century Poland was the largest country in Europe!

Poland is also an ideal place for all those who love history, interesting monuments and places worth visiting. We can boast of many places that are of great historical importance and we have numerous resources of mineral resources.

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