Gugulethu Sibanda from Zimbabwe won Miss Egzotica 2019!

20-year-old Gugulethu “Gugu” Sibanda from Zimbabwe won the 9th edition of Miss Egzotica, the final of which took place on Sunday, 10 February in Blue City in Warsaw. In addition to the main title and crown, Gugulethu also became a delegate to the educational-charitable project “Debutants”. Cynthia Airuoyo from Nigeria and Klaudia Trang Ngo Ngoc who representing Vietnam are also on the podium. 

Twelve candidates (Miss Egzotica ambassadors) took part in this year’s edition. All participants presented themselves in sports attire (leggings and T-shirts with the competition logo)…

         (Participants of Miss Egzotica 2019 in sportswear, photo: Paweł Wiśniewski)

and Andżelika Chruścińska’s dresses….

        (Participants of Miss Egzotica 2019 in Andżelika Chruścińska’s dresses, photo: Paweł Wiśniewski)

They also did self-presentation.

The jury of Miss Egzotica 2019 was among others: wrestler Andrzej Supron, actress Anna Samusionek and laureate of beauty contests: Rumbidzai Parichi – Miss Egzotica 2018, Victoria Abbey – Miss Egzotica 2017, Divine Kitenge – Miss Egzotica 2015, Melody Gudzowaty – 2nd Runner-Up of Reina Hispanoamericana 2009 and 3rd Runner-Up of Miss International 2012, and Melissa Carolina Varón Ballesteros – 1st Runner-Up of Miss Colombia 2011 and TOP 15 in Miss International 2012, chose the TOP 6 finalist: Srinidhi Bandaru (India), Cynthia Airuoyo (Nigeria), Lidia Kiu Anh Maciąg (Vietnam), Gugulethu Sibanda (Zimbabwe), Klaudia Trnag Ngo Ngoc (Vietnam) and Livia Ketty Popów (Martinique).

The next stage began with the show of the TOP 6 in swimsuits.

         (Finalists of Miss Egzotica 2019 in swimwear, photo: Paweł Wiśniewski)

Later, each of the finalists had to comment on the subject drawn by them. These were: education, tolerance, environment, Blue City, diversity and Poland.

        (Final statements of finalists Miss Egzotica 2019, photo: Paweł Wiśniewski)

Just before the announcement of the main verdict, Agnieszka Michalczyk was invited to the stage and announced the delegate to the “Debutants” program. She is Gugulethu “Gugu” Sibanda from Zimbabwe.

The final results were announced by Melody Gudzowaty and Rumbidzai Parichi. 2nd Runner-Up of Miss Egzotica 2019 was Klaudia Trang Ngo Ngoc representing Vietnam and 1st Runner-Up of Miss Egzotica 2019 was Cynthia Airuoyo from Nigeria. The crown of Miss Egzotica 2019 was awarded to 20-year-old Gugulethu “Gugu” Sibanda.

                 (from left: Klaudia Trang Ngo Ngoc, Gugulethu Sibanda, Cynthia Airuoyo, photo: Miss Egzotica)

Gugu comes from Harare, but lives in Warsaw, where he studies business management. She works in the Customer Service Office. She is 175 cm tall and her measurments are 77/68/90.

                (Guguleth Sibanda during the final of Miss Egzotica 2019, photo: Paweł Wiśniewski)

She loves to draw, paint, write and listen to poetry, discover new music, watch movies and read novels. As a child, she played basketball and tennis, and after graduating from high school she took modeling.

         (Koronacja Miss Egzotica 2019, photo: Paweł Wiśniewski / Miss Egzotica)

An interesting fact may be the fact that the second time in the history of Miss Egzotica there was a “Back to back” – situation in which the outgoing and newly crowned Miss represent the same country (2014 and 2015 – Vietnam, 2018 and 2019 – Zimbabwe).

ATTENTION! Vietnam’s representative Zuzanna Hoang Xuan was the winner of Miss Egzotica 2015. However, she was dethroned, and her place was taken by Divine Kitenge from Congo.


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