Miss World 2018: Denmark – France

Already this Saturday, December 8, we will know who is the winner of this year’s Miss World edition. The grouping, during which 118 candidates compete in mini-competitions („fast tracks”) and take part in events is slowly coming to end in China. Among the pretenders to the crown are  representatives of Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, England, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Finland and France. Here are some basic information about fourth group of contestants. 




Full Name: Tara Jensen

Age: 18 years

Height: 182 cm

Hometown: Hvidovre

Education/Profession: high school student

Hobbies: horse riding, sailing, playing the piano, belly dancing, criminal investigations







Full Name: Denise Romero

Age: 24 years

Height: 170 cm

Hometown: Salvaleón de Higüey

Education/Profession: student of business management

Hobbies: non-fiction books, music (Spanish, Indian, Brazilian), sport (basketball, golf), dance (ballet, jazz, belly dance)






Full Name: Nicol Ocles

Age: 21 years

Height: 175 cm

Hometown: Pimampiro

Education/Profession: student of tourism, TV presenter

Hobbies: reading, athletics, cycling, traveling around the country, regional dance






Full Name: Mony Helal

Age: 26 years

Height: 174 cm

Hometown: Cairo

Education/Profession: director of a consulting agency

Hobbies: horse riding, violin playing, scuba diving, belly dancing







Full Name: Metzi Solano Jiménez

Age: 27 years

Height: 170 cm

Hometown: Santa Ana

Education/Profession: marketing assistant

Hobbies: sports, traditional dances, dessert making







Full Name: Alisha Cowie

Age: 19 years

Height: 174 cm

Hometown: Newcastle upon Tyne

Education/Profession: model, student of the criminal department

Hobbies: swimming, surfing, acoustic music







Full Name: Silvia Adjomo Ndong Ada

Age: 20 years

Height: 167 cm

Hometown: Malabo

Education/Profession: student

Hobbies: singing, dancing







Full Name: Soliyana Abayneh

Age: 22 years

Height: 174 cm

Hometown: Addis Ababa

Education/Profession: student of civil engineering

Hobbies: African traditional dance, playing the drum, basketball






Full Name: Jenny Lappalainen

Age: 23 years

Height: 179 cm

Hometown: Jyväskylä

Education/Profession: wedding consultant

Hobbies: gym, reading, swimming, poetry, writing poems







Full Name: Maëva Coucke

Age: 24 years

Height: 176 cm

Hometown: Ferques

Education/Profession: –

Hobbies: extreme sports, music, taking care of the condition







Photos. Christina Anaya, Black Girl Reign, Agencia Mogue, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry, Florian Saenz, Miss World (5)

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