Anyella Grados deprived of the Miss Peru 2019 crown!

Anyella Grados, which in October last year won the Miss Peru 2019 election and was supposed to represent her country in Miss Universe 2019 lost her title! And all by recording a video showing her drunken antics at one of the parties! Also her companions – Camila Canicoba (Miss Peru Teenager 2018) and Tiffany Yoko Chong (Miss Peru Supranational 2019) said goodbye for crowns. 

The incident occurred in the second half of March during the carnival in one of the Peruvian provinces. Anyella Grados (Miss Peru 2019), Camila Canicoba (Miss Peru Teenager 2018) and Tiffany Yoko Chong (Miss Peru Supranational 2019) took part in an event during which the most beautiful Peruvian woman replanted with alcohol. Unluckily, a recording hit the network, where completely drunk Anyella Grados has mobility problems and vomits.

Miss Peru did not have to wait long for the organizers reaction. They condemned Anyella’s behavior and recalled that the laureate of the Miss Peru election should be first of all humble and committed and keep her name. She can not drink, smoke or commit acts that could damage the reputation of the competition.

        (Anyella Grados during the Miss Peru 2019 final, photo: Pageant-mania (3))

Unfortunately, discrediting recordings also went to the Miss Universe organizers, who decided that the 20-year-old girl wouldn’t take part in this year’s election for the most beautiful woman in the universe. The fact that Anyella lost her right to the title and crown of Miss Peru 2019 was announced at a specially convened press conference.

But that’s not the end! Camila Canicoba (Miss Peru Teenager 2018), who recorded and published the video, and Tiffany Yoko Chong (2nd in Miss Peru and Miss Peru Supranational 2019) also met the same fate.

            (from left: Camila Canicoba – Miss Teen Peru 2018 and Tiffany Yoko Chong – Miss Peru Suprnational 2019, photo. Miss Peru (2))

According to the organizers decision, the new representative of the country at Miss Universe 2019 will be chosen during a specially organized final. Until then, Miss Peru’s duties will be held by Camila Escribens – 1st Runner-Up of Miss Peru and Miss Grand Peru, who in October will fight for the Miss Grand International 2019 title!

        (Camila Escribens – 1st Runner-Up of Miss Peru 2019 and Miss Grand Peru 2019, photo: Trome (2))


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