Mister Model International 2019: Mexico

Mister Model International 2019 grouping takes place in Thailand. About thirty candidates are fighting for the title of the most handsome international model. Among them is the Mexican actor and model, 27-year-old Zait Reza from Saltillo. Here are some basic information about a handsome Mexican. Check how he prepared to participate in international elections, how he describes his country and countrymen and why he should get the title of Mister Model International 2019! 



Full Name: Zait Reza

Age: 27

Height: 190 cm

Hometown: Saltillo, Coahuila

City of residence: Mexico City

Nationality/Citizenship: Mexican

Education: graduate of international relations and acting career

Profession: actor, model

Hobbies: gym, swim, travel, movie theater and theater



Interesting facts:

  • He is a professional model. He posed for such brands as Calvin Klein, SEARS, Oscar de la rent, Lob.
  • He is a mexican TV actor. He acted in seven telenovelas (En Tierras Salvajes, Mi marido tiene familia, Mi marido tiene más familia, Enamorándome de Ramón, Tenías que ser tú, Papá a toda madre, Amar a muerte) and two tv series (Como dice el dicho, La Rosa de Guadalupe) which were transmite in Latinoamerica, USA, and other countries around the world. He also acted in a Motel Tlalpan movie on a villian role!
  • He works and helps in MANITAS – an asociation of kids and people with cancer called. Previously, He worked in the MAC ALTAMESA association, which helps people living in extreme poverty.
  • He won the dance competition. As a dancer and model, he appeared in two music videos of the CNCO boys band.


You represent your country in the Mister Model International 2019, where over a dozen or dozens men from all over the globe fight for the title. How would you describe Mexico and Mexicans for your colleagues from different parts of the world?

Mexico is a very touristy country where we have many places to visit such as beaches, mountains, pyramids and ruins of different civilizations – as well as having one of the seven wonders of the world (Chichen Itza). Mexico is a country with a very broad biodiversity and very different climates from tropical heat to snowy mountains and forests. Mexican food is a world heritage site. We Mexicans are very warm, friendly, supportive people and we have recently been evaluated as one of the happiest countries in the world. Mexico is a very important exporter of talent in the world as for example in the international cinema with Alfonso Cuarón, Guillermo del Toro and Alejandro Gonzales Iñárritu.


What was your main focus during the preparations for participation in Mister Model International?

I prepared myself in different areas. I prepared my body by exercising in the gym and consulting with a nutritionist. I took runway classes. I exercising a body language, general culture, English. I has a dance and singing classes and Image design consultancies.








Never before the representative of Mexico did not win this competition. How would you convince jurors that you are the best candidate for this title?

Because I am going to show my true self and my true personality. I am disciplined and passionate about what I do, and I will show my integral preparation and that I have the capacity to take the title of Mister Model International. I also have a message to give to the world and show that no matter the nationality, first of all we are citizens of the world and we must help each other.







Photos. Zait Reza/Facebook, Socrates Mckinney

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