Sergio Ayala is the winner of Mister Model International 2019! Zait Reza from Mexico in TOP 10!

On Sunday, April 28, in Thailand took place the final of Mister Model International 2019. The 28-year-old representative of Spain – Sergio Ayala was elected as the most handsome international model. In the competition for the title he defeated twenty-two competitors, including representatives of Saona, Thailand, Puerto Rico and Ecuador. Mexican model and actor, Mister Model Mexico 2019 – Zait Reza took place in the TOP 10 and received the Best Model America award! 

The final of the Mister Model International 2019 election took place at the Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Twenty-three candidates took part in the competition for the title. Thai costumes, swimsuits and elegant suits are presented on the stage. From among the participants, the judges selected TOP 16, TOP 10 and Top 5.

The 28-year-old representative of Spain – Sergio Ayala was elected as the most handsome international model. Mister Model International 2019 measures 185 cm tall and he is known for his shares in Spanish television programs. He also made a political career – he was a municipal councilor for youth and sport in Medina del Campo in the Valladolid province.

          (Sergio Ayala during the Mister Model International 2019 competition, photos: Mister Model International (2))

In November 2016, He represented the autonomous community of Castile and León in the Rey Belleza España competition. He also took the third place in the Mister Fitness Model Universe 2017 election and fourth place in Mister International Spain (Mister España Internacional) 2018. 

        (from left: Sergio Ayala in 2016, 2017 and 2018, photos: Yahoo, Sergio Ayala, LM Gómez Pozo)

In addition to the handsome Spaniard, the top five Mister Model International 2019 also included Javier Garcia Conde from Saona Island (2nd place), Danupong Kamda from Thailand (3rd place), Josemanuel Rosario from Puerto Rico (4th place) and Nicolás Asanza from Ecuador (5th place).

    (from left: Mister Puerto Rico, Mister Saona, Mister Spain, Mister Thailand and Mister Ecuador, photo: Chiang Mai Press)

Mexican representative, actor and model, 27-year-old Zait Reza from Saltillo finished the competition in TOP 10.

      (Zait Reza during the Mister Model International 2019 final, Citylife (2))

He also received the special title – America’s Best Model (Best Model America). What’s more, he did great in other competitions – was in the TOP 3 of the Best Body competition, in the TOP 5 of the Best National Costume competition, in the TOP 6 of the Talent competition, the TOP 7 of Internet voting (Best Internet Model) and in the TOP 10 of the best evening dress competition (Best Dressed).

        (Zait Reza receives the Best Model America award, photo: Mister Model International)



Place: Country: Full Name:
1st Runner-Up Sanoa Island Javier Garcia Conde
2nd Runner-Up Thailand  Danupong Kamda
3rd Runner-Up  Puerto Rico  Josemanuel Rosario
4th Runner-Up Ecuador  Nicolás Asanza
TOP 10 Belgium


Dominican Republic



Mohamed Mahouk

Alexander Castillo

Marcel Eduardo Saleta

Mohamad Taha

Zait Reza

TOP 16  Aruba




Sri Lanka


Jose Ramos

Gabriel Souza

Paulo Felipe Casanova

Ang Geer

Udama Maduwantha

Christian J. Anoceto


More about this year’s Mexican representative at the link:

Mister Model International 2019: Mexico


Photo. CityLife

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