Manhunt International 2019 final will held in February in the Philippines!

We already know the date and place of the Manhunt International next edition! During a press conference, Rosko Dickinson – President of the Manhunt International Organization announced that the oldest international men’s beauty contest will take place in the Philippines in 15-23 February 2020! Interestingly, it will be the jubilee, 20th edition of these elections. 

The press conference during which was announced the host and the date of the Manhunt International 20th jubilee election took place on Tuesday, 18 June. It was attended by representatives of the Manhunt International Organization – Rosko Dickinson and Vincent Llorach Gonzales (Manhunt International 2018 from Spain) and producer Jonas Gaffud.

(from left: Jonas Gaffud, Vincent Llorach Gonzales and Rosko Dickinson, photo: Manhunt International)

The Manhunt International 2019 grouping will start on Saturday, February 15. About 40 models from around the world who will be assessed during photo sessions and shows (including national costume, swimwear or evening wear) will take part in it. Among the contenders will be the representative of Poland – Adrian Michałowski.

The Manhunt International 2019 grand final will take place a week later, on Saturday, February 22. Then we will know the successor of Vincent Llorach from Spain.

(from left: Jonas Gaffud, Vincent Llorach Gonzales and Rosko Dickinson during a press conference, photo: Manhunt International)

It is worth knowing that the Philippines will host the most handsome models from around the world for the second time. For the first time this Asian country hosted Manhunt International pageant in 1999, exactly 20 years ago!


Photo. Manhunt International

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  1. Manhunt International 2019 will be held in the biggest arena of the world which can accommodate 55.000 Fans all over the country and the world which is the pride of Asia the Philippine Arena.. Hope The incoming President of 2022 Inday Sarah Duterte and the legend Superstar of the Philippines will be the one to judge. Hope this plan will be realize soon, if God is willing.

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