Dagmara Filipowicz won Miss Deaf Europe title during the Miss Deaf International 2019 final!

On July 7-14 in St. Petersburg was held Miss & Mister Deaf International 2019 competition addressed to the deaf people. Kemonye Keraetswe from Botswana and Aith Khumar from India won the election, but among the contenders for the international title was 23-year-old Dagmara Filipowicz from Płock, who won the Miss Deaf Europe 2019 award! Here are some basic information about the Polish representative. 

Dagmara Filipowicz is 23 years old and 171 cm tall. She comes from Płock but works in Poznań. Earlier she lived and worked in Warsaw. She is a high school graduate. She likes drawing and traveling around the world. She loves animals. In the future, she would like to become a model and actress.

Information that Dagmara Filipowicz will represent Poland in the international beauty competition for deaf people was announced at the March. Information was provided via facebook by the Miss and Mister Deaf Poland organizers.

(Dagmara Filipowicz in photo session and a moment after the Miss & Mister Deaf International 2019 final, photos: Andrey Bogatyrev, Miss Mister Deaf Poland/Facebook)

Miss & Mister Deaf International 2019 elections were held on July 7-14 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Participants took part in photo sessions and trainings. They answered for the questions asked by the jury, presented their creativity and culture. They performed on stage in national costumes and evening clothes. Miss Deaf Poland presented himself to the world in Krakow’s folk costume!

(Dagmara Filipowicz and Damian Bieniak during the presentation in the Krakow’s folk costume, photo Shunichi Tanae)

During the Miss & Mister Deaf International 2019 final the Polish representative was awarded Miss Deaf Europe crown and title. She was announced the most beautiful European of this year’s edition!

(Dagmara Filipowicz – first from the right, receiving the Miss Deaf Europe award, photo: Dagmara Filipowicz)

“I couldn’t believe that I could get the Miss Deaf Europe crown. I didn’t know what to say, but I was very happy. Because it was my dream. And I’m glad I won the Miss Deaf Europe title for Poland! – said Miss Deaf Poland 2019, Dagmara Filipowicz.

(Damian Bieniak and Dagmara Filipowicz – Polish representatives in Miss & Mister Deaf International 2019 pageant, photo: Miss Mister Deaf Poland/Facebook)


Photo. Miss Mister Deaf Poland/Facebook 

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