Carlos Manuel López represented the Riviera Maya in Men Universe Model 2019 and was promoted to TOP 15!

Men Universe Model 2019 election was held in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic on August 1-10. 25 candidates took part in the competition for the best model. Among the participants was also 29-year-old Carlos Manuel López, a representative of the Mexican tourist area –  Riviera Maya! Here are some basic information about the handsome Mexican who has been promoted to the TOP 15 of Men Universe Model 2019! 

This year’s Men Universe Model election took place in the city of Puerta Plata in Dominican Republic. 25 models from Latin America, Caribbean and Europe took part in it. During the final was selected the most handsome model. The winner is 21-year-old Jefferson Velasco from Bolivia. In addition to the winner, the jury also selected a group of finalists and semi-finalists. The place in the TOP 15 was gained by representative of Riviera Maya!

Carlos Manuel López is 29 years old and 182 cm tall. He comes from La Paz in Baja California Sur state. He is a law graduate, model and events planner/organizer. Furthermore, he serves as director of the state elections – Mister Model La Paz, Mister Model Baja California Sur and Mister Model Junior Baja California Sur. Carlos himself was the winner of Mister Model Baja California Sur title – in 2018.

Modeling, singing and fitness are among the most important hobbies of the handsome Mexican!

(Carlos Manuel López – Men Universe Riviera Maya 2019, photos: Men Universe Riviera Maya / Instagram, Johan Vos Photography)


PHOTO. Men Universe Model Pageant 

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