Jack Heslewood from England wins Mister World 2019! Mister Mexico on the podium!

On Friday, August 23 in the Philippines was held the Mister World 2019 final . 72 candidates competed for the title of the most handsome man in the world. The winner is representative of England – 27-year-old Jack Heslewood from Bishop’s Stortford! The second place was taken by 28-year-old Fezile Mkhize from South Africa, and the third place was taken by 25-year-old Brian Faugier from Mexico! Among the twenty-nine semi-finalists (TOP 29) was also 23-year-old Robert Kapica from Poland! 

Final of the jubilee, 10th edition of Mister World  was organized at the Smart Araneta Coliseum sports hall in Quezón City, Philippines. It was preceded by a three-week grouping, during which took place a number of competitions and events. Participants could also win a place in the TOP 12 – this ensured victories in the Sport, Talent and Creativity, Fashion, Multimedia and Extreme (test of strength, endurance and determination) competitions.

The most handsome man in the world is 27-year-old Jack Heslewood! The Englishman is 27 years old and 190 cm tall. He comes from the Bishop’s Stortford city. He is an aviation engineer, and more specifically a rocket technology scientist. His hobbies are music (He playing the drums), running, skiing and technology.

Jack has experience in men’s competitions – in 2017 he finished second place in the Mr. England. In 2018 as a representative of Great Britain took part in the prestigious Manhunt International. In this international competition he was promoted to TOP 15.

(Jack Heslewood, fot. Jack Heslewood/Instagram)


In February this year, Jack Heslewood was declared the England representative at the Mister World 2019. He replaced Jack Eyers, who was unable to take part in the competition due to the Paralympic training being held at the same time (Jack Eyers is the first ever winner of the Mr. England with amputee leg).

Jack Heslewood is the first British ever who win Mister World pageant. Interestingly, his sister is Kirsty Rose Heslewood – Miss England 2013 and finalist of Miss World 2013 (she was promoted to TOP 10).

(Jack Heslewood – Mister World 2019, photos. Mr World/Facebook)

In addition to the Englishman, TOP 5 of the Mister World 2019 included 28-year-old Fezile Mkhize – doctor, TV presenter and model from South Africa (2nd place, Mister World Africa, Mister Sport), 25-year-old Brian Faugier – industrial engineering student and model from Mexico (3rd place, Mister World Americas, Mister Top Model), as well as 27-year-old Carlos Franco from Brazil and 26-year-old Alejandro Martínez from the Dominican Republic (Mister World Caribbean).

(Fezile Mkhize from South Africa and Brian Faugier from Mexico –  runners up of Mister World 2019 , photos. Fezile Mkhize/Facebook, Missosology)

TOP 12 was completed by representatives of Austria (Mister World Europe), Ireland (Mister Extreme), Lebanon, Nepal (Mister Multimedia), Northern Ireland, Philippines (Mister World Asia&Oceania) and Tonga (Mister Talent&Creativity).

In Mister World 2019 competition was attended by a Polish representative, 23-year-old Robert Kapica from Mstowa near Częstochowa, who was promoted to TOP 29. Model and The Look of the Year 2016 winner was also among the twenty-five semi-finalists of Mister World Top Model mini competition.

The selection of the most handsome man in the world was made by a jury, which included Julia Morley (Miss World Organization president), Vanessa Ponce de León (Miss World 2018 from Mexico), Stephanie del Valle (Miss World 2016 from Puerto Rico) and Ksenia Sukhinova (Miss World 2008 from Russia).


Photo. Mister World/Facebook

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