Krystyna Sokołowska wins the Miss Earth Poland 2019 pageant!

22-year-old Krystyna Sokołowska from Białystok won the Miss Earth Poland 2019 and will represent Poland in the Miss Earth 2019 pageant in Philippines. Final of Polish edition took place on Friday, August 30 at the G2A Arena in Rzeszów. Sabina Półtawska (2nd place), Milena Rokicka (3rd place) and Vanessa Wietrzyk (4th place) were also in the first four. 

This year final of Miss Earth Poland was organized as part of the Global Polonia Congress under the name „Congress of 60 Millions, which took place on August 28-30. The final gala took place on Friday, August 30 at the G2A Arena in Rzeszów. Twelve finalists took part in it and presented themselves for the judges. Candidates starred in dresses, wedding dresses and evening gowns. 

(Krystyna Sokołowska – Miss Earth Poland 2019, photo. Krystyna Sokołowska/Instagram)

The winner of competition was 22-year-old Krystyna Sokołowska. Miss Earth Poland 2019 is 178 cm tall, comes from Ciasne, but lives in Białystok. She is economics and physical education student.

Krystyna does artistic gymnastics and is the trainer of this discipline. She also attended to music school and plays the piano.

In 2013, she participated in Miss Teenager of Podlasie and became 2nd Runner-Up. In 2017 she won Miss Foto title in the Miss Podlasie 2017 pageant.


(Krystyna Sokołowska – Miss Earth Poland 2019, fot. Miss Earth Poland/Facebook)

In addition to Krystyna Sokołowska, the final four of Miss Earth Poland 2019 include 20-year-old Sabina Połtawska from Szczecin (Miss Air – 1st Runner-Up), 27-year-old Milena Rokicka from Warsaw (Miss Water – 2nd Runner-Up) and 21-year-old Vanessa Wietrzyk from Gdańsk (Miss Fire – 3rd Runner-Up).

(from left: Sabina Połtawska, Milena Rokicka, Krystyna Sokołowska, Vanessa Wietrzyk, photo. Miss Earth Poland/Facebook)


Photo. Miss Earth Poland

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