Jennifer Vázquez wins the Beauty with a Purpose challenge in Miss México 2019!

On Tuesday, September 17 at the Instituto Nacional de Administración Pública (INAP México) took place the final of Beauty with a Purpose challenge (Belleza con Propósito). The “Amor por la Montaña” project created by 23-year-old Jennifer Vázquez was considered the best. Thanks to the efforts of the beautiful Miss Guerrero, to the indigenous community inhabiting the Guerrero Mountains reaches medical and educational help. 

Beauty with a Purpose is a charity which collecting money and participating in humanitarian projects around the world founded by Julia Morley (director of Miss World). Since 2001 Beauty with a Purpose is one of the challenges organized as part of the Miss World elections. There is selected a candidate with the best social/charity project.

Many national organizers add the Beauty with a Purpose challenge as one of the points in the competition. Candidates for the title of miss create charity projects to help those in need.

It is no different in Miss México, where the mini competition is called Belleza con Propósito. In this year’s election were selected ten projects  that competed for the title of best.

The triumphant of the Beauty with a Purpose Challenge (Belleza con Propósito) is 23-year-old Jennifer Vázquez from the Guerrero state, who created the project “Amor por la Montaña”. Her initiative is to support the indigenous inhabitants from Cochoapa el Grande, Acatepec, Metlatónoc, Tlapa and Chilapa municipalities by providing them with medical and educational assistance.

In addition to the beautiful Miss Guerrero among the five finalists of the Beauty with a Purpose Challenge (Belleza con Propósito) were 25-year-old Wendy Sánchez from Chiapas, 24-year-old Jeanette Karam from Ciudad de México, 22-year-old María Elena Matuk from Durango and 26-year-old Mariela Sanders from Morelos.

TOP 10 was also joined by María Souza (Baja California), Ashley Alvídrez (Chihuahua), Vanessa Hernández (Colima), Jessica Mendieta (San Luis Potosí) and Marilú Acevedo (Veracruz).


Photo. Miss Guerrero/Facebook

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  1. Bien por nuestra BELLEZA. Ojalá y no sea solo un proyecto para y por el bien de esas comunidades que a travez de los años han sido marginadas.

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