Manuel Duarte López represented Mexico in the Mister Global 2019 and was promoted to TOP 16!

On Thursday, September 26 in the capital of Thailand was held the Mister Global 2019 final. 38 candidates took part in this year’s, sixth edition of competition. The winner was 23-year-old Kim Jong Woo from South Korea. Among the sixteen finalists was the Mexican representative – student and model, 22-year-old Manuel Duarte López from Ario de Rosales. This is the first promotion of Mexican representative in the Mister Global history! 

This year’s edition of the Mister Global pageant took place in September in Thailand, under the slogan “Inspirational gentleman”. According to the organizers’ assumptions, the winner of competition is to be an inspiration for young men around the world and support environmental and charity projects as the Global Goodwill Ambassador.

Mexican representatives have been running in the Mister Global since last year. In this year, Manuel Duarte López – Model Experience México 2018 winner was selected to participate in the competition and received Mister Global Mexico 2019 title. Information about this appeared in social media already in March.

(Mister Global Mexico 2019, fot. Mister Global/Facebook)

Manuel Duarte López is 22 years old and 186 cm tall. He comes from Ario de Rosales in Michoacán state, but lives in Mexico. He is acting student at the Artistic Education Center of Televisa. He previously studied business administration. His hobbies are sport and reading.

Manuel’s promotion to TOP 16 in Mister Global 2019 pageant is a great success for Mexico, because never before has country’s representative not been among the semi-finalists of this international competition! Congratulations!




(Manuel Duarte López during the Mister Global 2019 final, photo: Mister Global/Facebook)


PHOTO. Mister Global/Facebook

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