Kamila Wasilewska – Miss Polonia 2019 finalist

On Sunday, November 24 at the Narvil Conference & Spa Hotel in Serock will be held the Miss Polonia 2019 final! Twenty candidates participate in the jubilee, 90th edition of this prestigious competition. Among them is 24-year-old Kamila Wasilewska from Szczecin. Here are a basic information about the beautiful participant! Does she have a chance for victory and beautiful amber crown? 


(Candidate No. 12 – Kamila Wasilewska, photo: Miss Polonia)

Full Name: Kamila Wasilewska

Age:  24 years

Height: 178 cm

City: Szczecin

Citizenship: Polish

Education: Master of Arts

Occupation: model, actress

Hobbies: graphics, painting, drawing, cooking, running, yoga



Successes in other competitions:

2nd Runner-Up of Miss Polski 2014 (3rd place)

Miss Passion 2017 (win)


About why Kamila took part in the Miss Polonia competition, why she should win, what are her first memories related to this pageant, what she thinks a perfect miss should be, what are her biggest dreams and many other curiosities, You can be read on the website of Miss Polonia, under link:



PHOTO. Miss Polonia

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