Milena Jaworska – Miss Polonia 2019 finalist

On Sunday, November 24 at the Narvil Conference & Spa Hotel in Serock will be held the Miss Polonia 2019 final! Twenty candidates participate in the jubilee, 90th edition of this prestigious competition. Among them is 22-year-old Milena Jaworska from Mrągowo. Here are a basic information about the beautiful participant! Does she have a chance for victory and beautiful amber crown? 


(Candidate No. 18 – Milena Jaworska, photo: Miss Polonia)

Full Name: Milena Jaworska

Age: 22 years

Height: 180 cm

City: Mrągowo, Warsaw

Citizenship: Polish

Education: student of electrical engineering (in English)

Occupation: model, fintech employee

Hobbies: fashion, design, sport, healthy lifestyle, physics



Successes in other competitions:


About why Milena took part in the Miss Polonia competition, why she should win, what are her first memories related to this pageant, what she thinks a perfect miss should be, what are her biggest dreams and many other curiosities, You can be read on the website of Miss Polonia, under link:


PHOTO. Miss Polonia 

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