Karolina Bielawska won the Miss Polonia 2019 pageant!

20-year-old management student from Łódź, Karolina Bielewska won the Miss Polonia 2019 final, which took place on Sunday, November 24 at the Hotel Narvil Conference & Spa in Serock near Warsaw. The new Miss Polonia has beaten nineteen competitors and will represent Poland in the Miss World 2020! Title of 1st Runner-Up in Miss Polonia 2019 was won by 21-year-old Aleksandra Kielan from Częstochowa, while the 2nd Runner-Up in Miss Polonia 2019 was 22-year-old Karina Nowak from Żory. 

Twenty candidates from ten voivodships and the Polish diaspora in Lithuania participated in this year’s Miss Polonia final. During the gala, the participants presented themselves on stage seven times – in cocktail dresses, one-piece swimsuits, casual look, underwear, autumn-winter collection, wedding dresses and evening gowns. The finalists also answered questions asked by Internet users.

The selection of the most beautiful Polish woman was made by a jury, which included Ewa Wachowicz – Miss Polonia 1992, 3rd Runner-Up in Miss World 1992 and Miss World University 1993. It was to her that the honor of coronation this year’s winner – Karolina Bielawska.

(Ewa Wachowicz crowns the new Miss Polonia, photo: AKPA)

(Karolina Bielawska, photo: Miss Polonia)

Karolina Bielawska is 20 years old and 179 cm tall. She comes from Łódź. She is a management student (studies in English) and a model. Her great passion is traveling. She loves to discover new places, meet people, their customs and culture.

In addition to the crown, Miss Polonia 2019 title and many awards, Karolina Bielawska received the Miss VitaDiet title and the Miss Publiczności (Miss Audience) title awarded by viewers!

In June this year Karolina Bielawska took part in the Miss Polonia of Łódź Voivodeship 2019 pageant. She won this regional beauty contest! She also won the Miss Natura House title awarded by Internet users.


(Karolina Bielawska in swimsuit and wedding dress, photo: Podlewski/AKPA)

1st Runner-Up of Miss Polonia 2019 became a 21-year-old Aleksandra Kielan from Częstochowa. She is a model and graduate of art school and school of fine arts. Aleksandra also received the title of the first Miss Polonia Sport in the pageant history. Aleksandra is also The Look Of The Year 2014 winner (the competition for models). The 2nd Runner-Up of Miss Polonia 2019 was 22-year-old Karina Nowak from Żory. She is a model and student of international relations in Spanish. Karina Nowak is the winner of the regional competition – Miss Polonia Bielsko-Biała 2019. She also the winner of the 3rd place in The Look Of The Year 2013.

(from the left: Aleksandra Kielan and Karina Nowak – runner-ups in Miss Polonia 2019, photo: Plejada)

The final five of Miss Polonia 2019 was completed by a 23-year-old Justyna Marczewska from Łódź (she is law student and a graduate of journalism and social communication) and a 24-year-old Aleksandra Gronowska from Warsaw (student of finance and accounting).

The TOP 10 includes 22-year-old Milena Jaworska, 21-year-old Kinga Zabielska, 21-year-old Patrycja Gołda, 19-year-old Marcelina Urbańska and 23-year-old Klaudia Kroczek.

Participants of the Miss Polonia 2019 competition were awarded a number of special awards. They were received by Patrycja Brudkiewicz (Miss Delia Cosmetics), Dominika Lamauskaité (Miss Party.pl, Miss Born2Be), Jesika Kubiak (Miss Gabbiano), Kinga Zabielska (Miss Social Media) and the above-mentioned Karolina Bielawska (Miss VitaDiet, Miss Audience).

This year’s  final gala of Miss Polonia was exceptional, because on the occasion of the competition’s 90th anniversary appeared on it winners from previous years. On stage appeared Joanna Michalska (Miss Polonia 1990), Karina Wojciechowska (Miss Polonia 1991), Ewa Wachowicz (Miss Polonia and 3rd Runner-Up of Miss World 1992), Agnieszka Zielińska-Richter (Miss Polonia 1996 and 1st Runner-Up of  Miss Europe 1997), Roksana Jonek Kosowska (Miss Polonia 1997 and Miss Tourism International 1998), Izabela Opęchowska-Gardocka (Miss Polonia 1998), Justyna Bergmann (Miss Polonia 2000), Joanna Drozdowska (Miss Polonia 2001), Malwina Ratajczak (Miss Polonia 2005, Miss Baltic Sea 2006), Marzena Cieślik (Miss Polonia 2006), Barbara Tatara-Kacperska (Miss Polonia 2007), Angelika Niestrój (Miss Polonia 2008), Maria Nowakowska – Hempel (Miss Polonia 2009), Marcelina Zawadzka (Miss Polonia 2011), Paulina Krupińska-Karpiel (Miss Polonia 2012), Izabella Krzan (Miss Polonia 2016) and  Agata Biernat (Miss Polonia 2017). Alicja Bobrowska (Miss Polonia 1957 and 4th Runner-Up of Miss Universe 1958) told about her memories of the first post-war Miss Polonia elections!

Winners of the first three places in Miss Polonia 2019 pageant will represent Poland in the Miss World, Miss Grand International and Miss Intercontinental pageants.

(from the left: Aleksandra Kielan, Karolina Bielawska and Karina Nowak, photo: All Image)

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