Fanni Mikó from Hungary won the Miss Intercontinental 2019 crown!

22-year-old Fanni Mikó from Hungary became the winner of the Miss Intercontinental 2019 final, which took place on Friday, December 20 in Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt. The beautiful Miss Hungary beat over seventy competitors from around the world. Representatives of USA, Thailand, South Africa and Peru were in the TOP 5. Representatives of Poland and Mexico – 24-year-old Martyna Górak and 21-year-old Sofia Miñarro Pedraza also took part in the competition. Unfortunately, none of them was promoted to TOP 20. 

This year’s 48th edition of the Miss Intercontinental pageant began in early December. The grouping lasted two weeks. Seventy-five candidates from all continents took part in it. Participants resided in the luxurious Sunrise Montemare Resort hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh. On Friday, December 20, the grand final also took place in this hotel.

22-year-old Fanni Mikó from Hungary was the winner who received the crown from Karen Gallman. Miss Intercontinental 2019 is 180 cm tall and her measures are 92-62-92. She has been working as a model for several years. She also studies a business and accounting. Her hobbies are horse riding, running and playing the piano. Fanni loves to travel, meet new places, cultures, religions and people. She is also involved in charity projects. She works with organizations collecting food, clothes and toys for the needy people from poor families.

(Coronation of Fanni Mikó, photos: Miss Intercontinental/Facebook)

It is worth knowing that Fanni Mikó is the first Hungarian in history who win the Miss Intercontinental pageant!

(Fanni Mikó, photos. Fanni Mikó/Instagram)

Title of 1st Runner-Up in Miss Intercontinental 2019 went to Mónica Aguilar – a 20-year-old medical student from the USA. The 2nd Runner-Up in Miss Intercontinental became Naruemon Khampan – a 22-year-old student and model from Thailand. 3rd Runner-Up in Miss Intercontinental is Dane Venter – 23-year-old model, beautician and manager from South Africa, while 4th Runner-Up in Miss Intercontinental is Tiffany Yoko Chong Campos – 23-year-old student of interior design and model from Peru.

(from the left: Dane Venter, Naruemon Khampan, Fanni Mikó, Mónica Aguilar and Tiffany Yoko Chong, photo: Miss Intercontinental/Facebook)

Georgia Nickerson from England, Hannah Swart from Australia, Miroslava Pikolová from Czech Republic, Celinee Santos Frías from the Dominican Republic, Menna Abaza from Egypt, Emma Mary Tiglao from the Philippines, Vanesa Gutiérrez from Spain, Shafali Bechoe from the Netherlands, Yu Harada from Japan, Betania Rojas Rincón from Colombia, Gabi Cho from Korea, Devy González Jaén from Costa Rica, Vishakha Tania René from Mauritius, Anna Michela Ciornea from Romania and Brenda Suárez Villamizar from Venezuela are in the TOP 20 of this year’s Miss Intercontinental pageant.

Representatives of Poland and Mexico were also among the seventy-five contenders for the crown of Miss Intercontinental 2019.

Martyna Górak (Miss Intercontinental Poland) comes from Kiedrzyn, near Radom. She is 24 years old and 176 cm tall. She is a graduate of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, where she studied law. Her hobbies are sport, running, gym, reading good books, watching good movies and modeling. Martyna is also an amateur of Polish cuisine!

Martyna Górak is also a veteran of beauty contests. She is the 1st runner-up of Miss Polonia 2018 and the winner of the regional competition Miss Polonia Ziemia Radomska 2018. She also participated in the Miss Polski 2014 (promoted to TOP 10) and Miss Global Beauty Queen 2015 in Seoul (promoted to TOP 15).

(Martyna Górak – Miss Intercontinental Poland 2019, photos. Martyna Górak/Instagram)

Sofia Miñarro Pedraza (Miss Intercontinental Mexico) is 21 years old and 175 cm tall. She was born in Mexico City, but lives in the Querétaro state. She is a biotechnology student and a staunch protector of the environment. She loves animals and nature. Her hobbies are dancing (dancing flamenco, and once attended ballet, hip-hop or belly dancing classes), sport (playing football and tennis), reading and modeling.

Sofia Miñarro Pedraza is the winner of the Miss Intercontinental México 2019 title awarded as part of the Miss Earth México 2019 elections. She is also the winner of the Miss Earth Queretaro 2019 regional elections, and before she participated in the Miss Teen Querétaro 2015 competition.

(Sofia Miñarro Pedraza – Miss Intercontinental Mexico 2019, photos. Miss Intercontinental Mexico/Instagram)


Photo. Miss Intercontinental

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