Luis Enrique Zepeda received the Manhunt México 2019 title!

On Wednesday, January 1, the new organizer of the Manhunt México pageant announced the name of the man who will represent Mexico in the Manhunt International 2019 pageant in the Philippines. This is 29-year-old Luis Enrique Zepeda from Monterrey. The handsome model became the same holder of the Manhunt México 2019 title, which in February will fight for the title of the most handsome model in the world. 

In this year the Manhunt International competition will take place for the twentieth time. The jubilee edition of this oldest international beauty contest for men will take place in the Philippines on February 15-23. Dozens of models from around the world selected in national preselection will take part in competition. A representative of Mexico will also be among them.

(Poster informing about the place and date of the Manhunt International 2019 pageant, photo: Manhunt International)

Initially, it was reported that in the Manhunt International 2019 competition will take part Alexis Moreno – Manhunt México 2018, who was supposed to represent Mexico in the Manhunt International 2018 in Australia, but he did not receive a visa to travel to Australia. However, in November it was reported that the Manhunt México pageant has a new director. It was Damián Galeana Maraguil, who announced the casting for the Manhunt México 2019 election!

On Sunday, December 29 were announced the names of three candidates for the Manhunt México 2019 title. They were 27-year-old Augusto Ferrer from Baja California, 29-year-old Luis Zepeda from Nuevo León and 23-year-old Bryan Cisneros from Jalisco.

(from the left: Augusto Ferrer, Bryan Cisneros and Luis Zepeda, photos: Manhunt Mexico/Facebook)

The one that will ultimately represent Mexico at Manhunt International 2019 was announced on Wednesday, January 1 in official social media. The title of Manhunt México 2019 went to 29-year-old Luis Enrique Zepeda.

Luis Enrique Zepeda comes from Monterrey, Nuevo León. He is 180 cm tall. He is a graduate of law studies and CEFAT (a teaching center specializing in training actors and communication specialists). He works as a model, actor and TV presenter. He is also a soloist, announcer and showman.

(Luis Enrique Zepeda – Manhunt México 2019, photos. Manhunt Mexico/Facebook)

Mexico made his debut at Manhunt International in 1998. A year later (1999) Mexican representative – Jose Daniel Cortes Romo was the first Mexican in history to reach TOP 10 and won the Mr. Photogenic award in the Manhunt International 1999 competition.

(Jose Daniel Cortes Romo during the Manhunt International 1999 competition, photos: Man Central)

Huge success came with the new millennium. David Zepeda (now a popular Mexican actor) took 2nd place during the Manhunt International 2000 final in Singapore. In 2007, Carlos Navarro Morales was promoted to TOP 15 and won the Manhunt Americas title during the Manhunt International 2007 final in Korea. Since then, Mexico has been waiting for another success! Will Luis Enrique Zepeda match his predecessors? We’ll find out in February!


Photo. Manhunt Mexico/Facebook

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