Karolína Kokešová was elected as the new Miss Global. The finale ended with a scandal!

On Saturday, January 18 in Oaxaca, Mexico took place the final of the Miss Global 2019 international pageant. Unfortunately, this year’s final ended in a big scandal, and the coronation of the new miss was done on backstage. The winner was 23-year-old Karolína Kokešová from the Czech Republic, who defeated over fifty competitors, including representatives of Peru, Philippines, Brazil and Australia.

The grouping of this year’s Miss Global edition started in early January and lasted two weeks. During the competition candidates took part in rehearsals, practiced choreographies and visited the Oaxaca and Mexico cities. Nothing promised a great scandal that took place during the grand finale and completely changed the course of the competition!

All participants of the Miss Global 2019 finals presented themselves on stage in national costumes. Then the jury selected girls for TOP 25, who presented themselves in sports outfits. Later, was chosen the eleven semi-finalists. However, as it turned out, eighteen girls performed on stage during the evening gowns show. The organizers explained this fact as an error in the calculation of points. But the biggest bomb exploded when choosing the TOP 5. One of the sponsors entered on the stage and accused the pageant’s organizer of manipulating the results!

The speech of the sponsor led to a great uproar. Outraged and tired candidates left the stage, and Miss Colombia publicly expressed her dissatisfaction and accused the man of Miss Mexico’s explicitly favoring. The transmission has been interrupted!

Coronation of Miss Global took place after a few hours, around 3 a.m.(local time) on the backstage. The crown was won by 23-year-old Karolína Kokešová from Czech Republic.

(Karolína Kokešová in the Miss Global crown, photo. Pavel Dvořák, Tilen Vajt)

Karolína comes from the Brno city. She lives in Prague. She measures 172 cm and is a professional model. She studied tourist destination management. In August last year she took part in the Česká Miss 2019 pageant. She was awarded the title of Česká Miss Internet 2019 and the title of II Česká Vicemiss 2019 (2nd runner-up, 3rd place).

An interesting fact is that during the announcement of the results and the coronation, Karolína Kokešová was wearing everyday clothes and sneakers, because after the outbreak of the scandal she had already managed to get off the stage and change clothes.


(Karolína Kokešová in a swimsuit and an evening gown, photos: Karolína Kokešová/Instagram)

The title of 1st Runner- Up in Miss Global 2019 went to 30-year-old Hany Portocarrero Novoa from Peru, and 2nd Runner-Up in Miss Global was 30-year-old Riza Raquel Santos from the Philippines.

(from the left: Hany Portocarrero Novoa and Riza Raquel Santos, photos: Salvador Alcántara, Riza Raquel Santos/Instagram)

Adriélle Pieve de Castro from Brazil (3rd Runner-Up) and Mikaela-Rose Fowler from Australia (4th Runner-Up) are also in the TOP 5. Interestingly, the Australian girl was in the top five, despite not being promoted to TOP 11!

(from the left: Adriélle Pieve de Castro and Mikaela-Rose Fowler in national costumes, photos: Adriélle Pieve/Instagram, Mikaela-Rose Fowler/Instagram)

In addition to representatives of the Czech Republic (wild card), Peru, Brazil and the Philippines, in TOP 11 were also representatives of Croatia, Cuba, Mexico, Sierra Leone, USA, Venezuela and Vietnam, and in addition to Miss Australia in TOP 25 were also girls from England, Bahamas, Ecuador, Haiti, Hong Kong, Iraq, Canada, Korea, Latvia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia and Serbia.


PHOTO. Pavel Dvořák, Tilen Vajt

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