Daniela Mora from Mexico became the most beautiful teenager!

On Sunday, January 19 in Panama took place the final of the Teen Universe 2020 pageant. Twenty-seven girls took part in the competition, and the title of the most beautiful teenager in the universe went to 16-year-old Daniela Mora from Mexico! Representatives of the United States and Curaçao also reached on the podium.

During the grand finale of this year’s Teen Universe pageant, on the stage all candidates presented themselves in national costumes, pink short dresses and one-piece swimwears. Then the jury selected TOP 20, which presented themselves in evening gowns. Later, the number of finalists was reduced to TOP 10 and TOP 6. The finalists answered a series of questions, then the most beautiful teenager in the universe was selected. The honorable title of Teen Universe 2020 went to a 16-year-old representative of Mexico.

(Teen Universe 2020, photo. Teen Universe/Facebook)

Daniela Alejandra Mora is 182 cm tall. She comes from Ciudad Juárez in the  Chihuahua state. She is a student of the third semester of high school, as well as a model and an avid activist fighting for animal rights. In December last year, she won the Teen Universe Mexico 2019 pageant.

Daniela is the first Mexican girl, who win this international beauty contest for teens. In addition to the main title and crown, she also received two special awards – Teen Universe Elegance and Teen Universe Popularity (awarded for the greatest popularity among Internet users).

(Daniela Mora during the Teen Universe 2020 preliminaries, photos. Teen Universe/Facebook)

Among the three best participants were also 18-year-old Maria Escudero from Caracas, who represented the USA (2nd place) and 18-year-old Daviënne Bislip from Curaçao (3rd place).

(from the left: María Escudero and Daviënne Bislip, photos: María Escudero/Instagram, Daviënne Bislip/Instagram)

Just behind them were 17-year-old Oriana Narváez from Nicaragua (4th place), 19-year-old Antonella Salini from Peru (5th place) and 16-year-old Aleyra Martínez from Puerto Rico (6th place).

(from the left: Oriana Narváez, Antonella Salini and Aleyra Martínez, photos: Teen Universe/Facebook)

TOP 10 was completed by candidates from Argentina, India, Colombia and Panama, and TOP 20 also included girls from Botswana, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, Spain, Canada, Cuba, the Netherlands, Paraguay and the Riviera Maya.

The organizers also awarded a number of special awards. In addition to the Mexican girl statuettes received teenagers from Argentina (best hair and Miss Sympathy – chosen by the participants), Botswana (best during the interview with the jury), Ecuador (Best National Costume), Canada (best face), Nicaragua (best model, Miss Foto), Peru (best in regional dance) and USA (best figure). The organizer from Botswana was recognized as the best national organizer.

At the end of the final was announced that next year’s Teen Universe pageant will take place in Colombia.


PHOTO. Teen Universe/Instagram

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