Miss International 2020 pageant is canceled! The pageant will take place in October 2021!

Sad news for fans of international beauty contests. The 60th edition of the Miss International pageant which scheduled for October will not take place in this year! Spokesman of Miss International Pageant confirmed that due to the ever-increasing number of victims of COVID-19, as well as the total number of people infected with coronavirus the election’s organizers decided that they would only take place in October 2021! 

Just a month ago, the organizers of the prestigious Miss International pageant informed national licensees that the jubilee, 60th edition of competition will take place in October in the Yokohama city. The final was scheduled for Thursday, October 29, however, the organizers also reserved the possibility of organizing the pageant at the turn of November and December (then the final would take place on Wednesday, December 2). Everything was to depend on the further development of the coronavirus pandemic. As it turned out quickly, this year’s competition will not take place at all!

Every day increases the number of people infected with coronavirus. What’s more, over 400,000 people have already lost their unequal fight against the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, it was decided to postpone this year’s Miss International pageant to next year that not to put in danger the participants and persons involved in the organization of the event. The competition will take place, but only in October 2021! The host of the final will remain the Yokohama city.

So far, fifteen candidates have been selected to take part in the 60th edition of the Miss International pageant. They are representatives of such countries as El Salvador, Guam, Honduras, Indonesia, Japan, Colombia, Costa Rica, Macau, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Cook Islands.


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