Jessica Huerta is among the candidates for the Miss México Grand 2020 title!

Due to the fact that the final of this year’s Miss México pageant has been postponed to the last quarter of the year, the Miss México Grand 2020 will be selected during a special competition. On Tuesday, June 2, the Miss Mexico Organization announced that 21-year-old Jessica Huerta – Miss Hidalgo 2018 and Miss México 2019 finalist will apply for the right to represent the country in the Miss Grand International 2020 pageant! 

On Sunday, May 24, Miss México Organization announced that this year’s representative of Mexico for the Miss Grand International pageant will be selected in a special casting in which can participate participants and winners of state’s competitions under the Miss México logo and the finalist of the national pageant, who have not yet represented the country in the Miss World and Miss Grand International pageants.

Just a few days later, on Tuesday, June 2 was announced the name of the fourth girl who will apply for the Miss México Grand 2020 title. She is 21-year-old Jessica Huerta – Miss Hidalgo 2018 and Miss México 2019 finalist.

(Jessica Huerta, photo: Miss Mexico Organization/Facebook)

Jessica Huerta Ramírez is 171 cm tall. She comes from the Tizayuca city in the Hidalgo state. She is an engineering student in business development. She loves tap dance and practices martial arts as Muay Thai or Jiu-Jitsu. She also interested in modeling. She likes to read, exercise and bake.

Jessica participated in beauty contests already as a teenager. In September 2014, she won the state’s beauty contest for teens – Miss Teen Hidalgo. Four years later, in 2018, she participated in the Miss Hidalgo state’s competition, which she also won. As a result, she became the official representative of the Hidalgo state in the prestigious Miss México 2019 pageant.



The grand final of the Miss México 2019 pageant took place on Friday, September 20 last year in Valle de Bravo, Mexico city. During it Jessica was promoted to the closest group of five finalists and received the title of Queen of the Central Region (Miss México Centro)!

(Jessica Huerta Ramírez in a swimsuit and evening gown, photos: Arturo Díaz Salieron, Bang Bang Estudio)

Soon we will see if the beautiful Jessica has the chance to the Miss México Grand crown and participation in the Miss Grand International 2020 international beauty pageant that will take place in Venezuela. We keep our fingers crossed!


PHOTO. Romichic/Facebook

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