Lindsey Coffey won the Miss Earth USA 2020 pageant!

On Saturday, August 8 took place the final of the Miss Earth USA 2020 virtual pageant, during which was selected the representative of the United States for the Miss Earth 2020 pageant. The crown and the title of the most beautiful girl went to 28-year-old Lindsey Coffey from Pennsylvania, who at the turn of September, October and November will take part in this year’s, jubilee 20th edition of the Miss Earth pageant, which will also be held virtually! 

Miss Earth USA 2020 is another pageant that was conducted completely virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic. The presentation of the candidates and interviews with the participants took place on the social media of the Miss Earth United States Organization. However, the grand finale, also organized on the Internet, took place on Saturday, August 8. During the virtual event, it was decided who will receive the Miss Earth USA crown and the right to represent the country in the upcoming Miss Earth 2020 pageant.

(Lindsey Coffey as Miss Earth USA 2020, photo: Eva Flis Photography)

The Miss Earth USA 2020 title was won by 28-year-old Lindsey Marie Coffey. Lindsey comes from the Brownsville city in Pennsylvania state. She is 176 cm tall and works as a professional model. She is also an ordained pastor. She graduated in political science and communication. She is also a specialist in professional writing.

Lindsey loves to work as a volunteer, travel and learn about the culture and social, political and economic history of other countries. Her interests include law, animal rights, mental health, ethics and morals, and environmental protection. Lindsey makes no secret of the fact that she is a vegetarian and only organic purchases, choosing local vendors. In the past, she also practiced sports, was incl. intercollegiate champion in high jump.

(Lindsey Marie Coffey, photos: Lindsey Coffey/Instagram, Eva Flis Photography)

Lindsey doesn’t have much experience in beauty contests. Before participating in the Miss Earth USA 2020 virtual pageant, she took part in the  Miss Earth Atlantic Ocean 2020 local competition, which she managed to win.

(Lindsey Marie Coffey is a professional model, photo: Lindsey Coffey/Instagram)

In addition to Lindsey Coffey, the TOP 5 of the Miss Earth USA 2020 competition includes 27-year-old Shannon Lynch from the District of Columbia (2nd place, Miss Earth USA Air 2020 title), 27-year-old Autumn Adams from Georgia (3rd place, Miss Earth USA Water 2020 title), 28-year-old Leighanna Kingvalsky from Louisiana (4th place, Miss Earth USA Fire 2020 title) and 28-year-old Alexandra Curtis from Rhode Island (5th place, Miss Earth USA Eco Tourism 2020 title).

(from the left: Shannon Lynch, Autumn Adams, Leighanna Kingvalsky, Alexandra Curtis, photos: Instagram)

It will soon turn out whether Lindsey will be successful in the Miss Earth 2020 international election, which due to the coronavirus will take place virtually from September 29 to November 29.



PHOTO: Eva Flis Photography 

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