Carmen Jaramillo is officially crowned as Señorita Panamá 2020!

On Tuesday, August 11, took place a special event during which Carmen Jaramillo – 1st Runner-Up of Señorita Panamá 2019 was officially crowned as Señorita Panamá 2020! This means, that the 25-year-old Panamanian model will represent Panama in the Miss Universe 2020 pageant, which will take place in the first quarter of next year in the USA. 

The fact that Carmen Jaramillo – 1st Runner-Up of Señorita Panama 2019 was appointed as this year’s representative of Panama in the Miss Universe 2020 pageant was announced on Thursday, April 9 this year. Then, the organizers of the Señorita Panamá pageant  announced, that they had used the opportunity given by the Miss Universe Organization to allow for national directors, who failed to organize a national final to appoint their delegates in the era of the coronavirus pandemic.

Four months later, on Tuesday, August 11 in the Corporación Medcom television’s studio took place the official coronation of the new Miss Panama! Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, the event was carried out behind closed doors, without the presence of the public, and the highly truncated organizational and technical team had to take all precautions. During the coronation even the new Miss Panama and retiring beauty queen had the face masks!

(Mehr Eliezer coronates the new Miss Panama, photo: Mujer)

Carmen Isabel Jaramillo Velarde is 25 years old and 178 cm tall. She comes from the La Chorrera city in the Western Panama (Panamá Oeste) province. She is a student of journalism at the University of Panama. She also began her studies in psychology at the private Latin University in Panama. Moreover, she is a scholarship holder of a prestigious Irish school, where she learns English. She works as a professional model.

(Carmen Jaramillo as Señorita Panamá 2020, photo: Francisco Andara)

Carmen is very involved in social and charitable activities. She is the founder of an initiative called “Connect Your Power”, under which she collects basic necessities for people affected by the coronavirus pandemic and supports micro-entrepreneurs. She also cooperates with national organizations dealing with free HIV detection and prevention.

But it is not everything! Carmen is also very sensitive to the fate of defenseless animals! She devoted a large part of her life to protecting homeless quadrupeds, mainly dogs and cats, for whom she arranged veterinary care and found new, loving homes!

Señorita Panamá 2020 is not the only beauty title that beautiful Carmen can be proud of. The Panamanian model has extensive experience in beauty contests! In June 2014, she took part in the Miss Panamá 2014 pageant, during which she won the title of Miss Panamá Latinoamerica del Mundo! Interestingly, she resigned from the title three days later.

(Carmen Jaramillo in a swimsuit and evening gown, photos: Señorita Panamá/Instagram)

In September 2015, Carmen was announced as the winner of the Miss Earth Panamá 2015 title. A month later, in October 2015, she represented Panama in the international contest of Reina Hispanoamericana 2015 in Bolivia, where she was promoted to TOP 9 and was less successful in special competitions. She was promoted to the TOP 3 of the Miss Elegance (Miss Elegancia Rosamar) mini competition organized by the sponsor, the Rosamar brand, and to the TOP 3 of the Best Smile  (Mejor Sonrisa Orest) mini competition organized by the sponsor, the Orest brand.

At the turn of November and December 2015, she took part in one of the four most prestigious international beauty contests – Miss Earth 2015 in Austria. Unfortunately, she did not manage to be promoted to TOP 16, but she was noticed by the organizers and she was successful in mini competitions organized during the grouping. She won a cocktail dress competition, a sports competition and an evening dress competition. She also took 2nd place in the national costumes competition of the Americas continents!

(Carmen Jaramillo during the Miss Earth 2015 grouping, photos: Albert Stern Photographie, Miss Panama Net)

A few years later, in June 2019, Carmen returned to beauty contests! She took part in the Señorita Panamá 2019 pageant, which she ended with the title of 1st Runner-Up!

At the end of September 2019, Carmen represented Panama in the international competition of Miss United Continents 2019 in Ecuador. During this competition, she was promoted to TOP 10.

(Carmen Jaramillo during the Miss United Continents 2019 pageant, photos: Miss United Continents/Facebook)

It will soon be revealed whether the extensive experience gained in international beauty contests will help succeed for Carmen in the prestigious Miss Universe 2020/2021 pageant.

(Carmen Isabel Jaramillo Velarde in the official photo session as Señorita Panamá 2020, photos: Francisco Andara)



PHOTO: Francisco Andara

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