Trịnh Văn Bảo from Vietnam is the winner of Mister International!

24-year-old Trịnh Văn Bảo from Vietnam won this year’s edition of Mister International. The model defeated over thirty competitors, including Venezuelan Francesco Piscitelli (2nd place) and Waikin Kwan (3rd place) from Hong Kong. Unfortunately, the representatives of Mexico and Poland did not advance to the TOP 15. Piero Renero and Tomasz Zarzycki are returning from the Philippines without success. 

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Mister International 2018: Netherlands

On Sunday, February 24, will take place the final of the 13th edition of Mister International. About 30 candidates from around the world will take part in a ten-day grouping in the Philippines. The finalists will also include 22-year-old Claudio Schoorstra from Netherlands. Here are the basic information about the soldier and actor from Uithoorn. Let’s get to know him closer! 

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