Marta Magdalena Stepien in the crown of Miss Universe Canada 2018!

Marta Magdalena Stepien is a 24 years old model who born in Poland. In August this year she won the Miss Universe Canada competition and will represent Canada in the Miss Universe 2018 in December! In January she took second place in Reinado Internacional del Café, and last year as the Runner-Up of Miss Universe Canada, she represented the country in other prestigious elections – Miss International 2017. 

Marta Magdalena Stepien is 24 years old, is 178 cm tall and comes from Windstor, Ontario. She is a Polish-born professional model and student of biomedical engineering using as many as four languages: Polish, English, German and French. On the way to the crown, she defeated about sixty rivals. Now, as Miss Universe Canada 2018 she will represent the country in grouping and final of Miss Universe 2018 in Thailand.

       (photo: Miss Universe Canada)

Interestingly, it will not be the first international competition in which Canada was represented by Marta. Last year, as the then Runner-Up of Miss Universe Canada, Marta Magdalena Stepien fought for the crown of Miss International 2017 in Japan. Unfortunately, she failed to reach TOP 15. She was more lucky at the Reinado Internacional del Café 2018 held in Colombia in January, where she took a high second place! She lost only with a Spanish woman!

        (photo: Marta Magdalena Stepien / Facebook, Reinado Internacional del Cafe / Facebook)


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