Representative of Philippines won Miss Intercontinental 2018! Mexico in TOP 20!

The final of the Miss Intercontinental 2018 ended with the coronation of the winner, 26-year-old Karen Gallman. The Filipino representative defeated contestants from Costa Rica (2nd place), Slovak Republic (3rd place), Colombia (4th place), Vietnam (5th place) and Ethiopia (6th place), as well as the Mexican girl – Ivanna Lobato, who ended the competition in TOP 20 and Polish girl – Angelika Duszczyk, who unfortunately was not successful. This year’s Miss Intercontinental took place in the Philippines. Over 80 candidates took part in them. 

Karen Gallman is the first ever Filipino who win the Miss Intercontinental competition. She is 26 years old, is 168 cm tall and has measurments are 90/62/92. She comes from Bohol, although she also has Australian roots. She is an analyst, and her education has gained in Australia and London. She loves to travel, read and swim. 

        (Karen Gallman during the Miss Intercontinental 2018 final, photo: Binibining Pilipinas)

In March last year she took part in the most popular Filipino beauty contest – Binibining Pilipinas 2018, where she won the title of Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental 2018. Previously, in 2012, she was in the TOP 12 competition of Binibining Pilipinas 2012.

        (from the left: Karen Gallman in 2012 and in 2018, photo: Kapamilya, Adventures of a Beauty Queen)

In addition to the title and crown of the Miss Intercontinental 2018, the 26-year-old representative of the hosts also won special awards – title of Miss Intercontinental Asia, Media Favorite title , Best Body Beautiful title and the title of outstanding beauty (H & H Standout Beauty) founded by the H & H brand.

        (Karen Gallman won several special awards, photo: Miss Intercontinental, Binibining Pilipinas)

In addition to the Philippines representative in TOP 6 there are also 24-year-old Adriana Moya Alvarado from Costa Rica (1st Runner-Up, Miss Intercontinental North America), 23-year-old Laura Longauerová from Slovak Republic (2nd Runner-Up, Miss Intercontinental Europe), 22-year-old Hillary Hollmann from Colombia (3rd Runner-Up, Miss Intercontinental South America), 23-year-old Ngân Anh Âu Lê from Vietnam (4th Runner-Up) and 21-year-old Bella Lire Lapso from Ethiopia (5th Runner-Up Miss Intercontinental Africa).

               (from left: Miss Vietnam, Miss Colombia, Miss Costa Rica, Miss Slovak Republic, Miss Philippines and Miss Ethiopia)

The TOP 20 also included a representative for Mexico, 20-year-old Ivanna Lobato from Tuxtla Gutiérrez. In addition to promotion to the basic group of semi-finalists, the Mexican woman also received a special awards – the title of the best body and was awarded for the social project.

       (Ivanna Lobato during the Miss Intercontinental 2018 competition, photo: Miss Intercontinental Mexico, Sashfactor)

Unfortunately, the representative of Poland – 25-year-old Angelika Duszczyk from Warsaw did not succeed.

        (Angelika Duszczyk during the Miss Intercontinental 2018 competition, photo: Sashfactor, MissPassion)



Place: Country: Full Name: 
MISS INTERCONTINENTAL’18 Philippines Karen Gallman
1st Runner-Up Costa Rica Adriana Moya Alvarado
2nd Runner-Up Slovak Republic Laura Longauerová
3rd Runner-Up Colombia Hillary Hollmann
4th Runner-Up Vietnam Ngân Anh Âu Lê
5th Runner-Up Ethiopia Bella Lire Lapso
TOP 20 Czech Republic














Veronika Volkeova

Nina Solórzano

Afua Mofuman

Michelle van Sonsbeek

Akari Maeda

Scarlett Megan Liew

Ivanna Lobato

Nang Mway Phoung Loong

Olivia Möller

Gabriela Sawkiw

Ingchanok Prasart

Ksenya Lamber

Marianny Egurrola

Gréta Muszka


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