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Magdalena Wesołowska is 24 years old and comes from Sosnowiec. She is a finalist of Miss Polski 2015, a participant of the international contest Reinado Internacional del Café 2017.  In last year she won the title 1st Runner-Up of Miss Passion and represented Poland in the Miss Model of the World 2018, where she took the 4th place! In a short interview with the “7 questions to …” series, she will talk about the Polish qualifiers for the Miss Model of the World, her friends from the grouping, her national costume and participation in the International Queen of Coffee 2017. 

1.) Congratulations! You returned from China with the 3rd Runner-Up title of Miss Model of the World 2018! This is a huge success. So far only two Polish women have been awarded the TOP 5 promotion in this competition – Dorota Wróbel in 1993 (also 3rd Runner-Up) and Małgorzata Różniecka in 2000 (Miss Model of the World winner). How does it feel to be in the TOP 5 finalists of this global beauty pageant?

I am very proud that I managed to achieve such a result! Leaving for the competition I did not even think that I could get to TOP 5. Preparations for the competition lasted almost half a year, it was not easy, but I am very glad that I did not give up. Thank you all for your support!




2.) Before we get to the next questions about Miss Model of the World, I would like to ask you about Polish qualifications for this contest. You have been chosen to represent Poland through … online elections. How did it happen that you get to the Miss Passion project and how did it look like? Because it was very different from a typical beauty contest, I guess?

Yes, that’s right. My adventure with the Miss Model of the World competition began with the qualifiers to Miss Passion contest. I won the 1st Runner-Up title of Miss Passion in May, which caused that I was selected as a Polish delegate to an international competition. The qualifying rounds, of course, obviously differed from other Miss contests organized in Poland. Initially, I sent an online form first. In the next stage of qualifiers all candidates were getting the “tasks” to do  – it was fun 🙂 . Only in the last stage of the TOP 12 Miss Passion, we were invited to a one-day photo session in Warsaw.

The session was an ideal opportunity to meet the rest of the candidates, show up yourself in the photo session and the opportunity for the judges to meet and evaluate girls fighting for the title of Miss Passion 2018. I am grateful to the organizer for the opportunity I got,  when I received the title 1 Runner-Up in Miss Passion 2018!

3.) You have an experience in modelling (you’ve been a model for 14 years) and in miss competitions. Can we say that the Miss Model of the World competition combines both these areas? How did the experience gained for you during the international competition in China? What do you think the judges paid the most attention to when assessing the candidates?

The Miss Model of the World competition was a bit different than the previous competitions in which I had the opportunity to participate. The grouping lasted over 3 weeks and included mainly choreography rehearsal, a few preliminaries, and of course photo sessions. During the grouping, we lived in a model home of MMW, which was away from the city, so we spent all the time in it. After a few days we were tired of rehearsals, but thanks to the fact that we spent most of our time at the model home, we could get to know each other better. Of course, the experience I gained in previous competitions and during the model’s work was very important. Good preparation, often several months before grouping, is very important before international competitions. A lot of candidates have many previous experience gained through participation in other competitions.

Candidates who go to the competition must be aware that the grouping is  hard work. You have to be strongly determined and motivated to give 100% each day despite being tired, sleepless or sometimes even sick.

4.) The grouping lasted about a month. How do you recall this time spent in Shenzhen? You were far from home, among several dozen women from different parts of the world … How did the relations between the participants look like at all?

The grouping for the final gala lasted just over 3 weeks. The next TOP 5 had an extended stay for another one and a half week.

In retrospect, I remember the entire stay and grouping very positively, mainly thanks to the great candidates I met. Indeed, all the girls who came to the camp this year were extraordinary, smart, nice, friendly and helpful. Together we were very supportive on bad days.

In fact, there was a final gala in Shenzhen – but we did not live there. The last week of the grouping we travelled daily to Shenzhen (two hours one way) for rehearsals, as well as the day of the final – traveling on the bus also allowed you to watch amazing views from behind the window, and of course a nap 🙂 .

The Miss Model of the World competition allowed me to fulfil my dream of sightseeing  and learning Chinese culture! In addition, for two days I had the opportunity to learn about the seeds of Hong Kong, which made a great impression on me in every aspect.

After the laps of time from the final gala, I had beautiful memories and many new friendships 🙂 . One of my friends will visit Poland soon – and I look forward the opportunity to show her a little bit of Poland!

5.) During the competition, you presented, among others national costume referring to the Warsaw Mermaid. How would you describe your creation and how do you assess it?

I am very happy that, as a national costume, the Warsaw Mermaid costume was designed for me on such an important anniversary for Poland as the 100th anniversary of regaining independence. My this year’s national costume was completely different from the Polish women’s costumes so far, so I was happy that I could stand out in this way. The organizer of Miss Passion and designer Grażyna Pander-Kokoszka, had  long talks and discussions about national costume for a very long time. In China itself, the costume made an impression, my national costume was often photographed and drew attention thanks to which I could tell a broader audience about the history of Poland.

6.) At the beginning of January 2017, you were in Colombia, where the international competition took place – International Queen of Coffee  (Reinado Internacional del Café). The granted award (Most Beautiful Face) may indicate that you have attracted the attention of Latinos. Have you noticed among the competitors or the Colombians themselves an interest in our country and culture? If so, how did it manifest itself?

I wonderfully remember the trip to Colombia, the grouping lasted only a week, but it was an intense time – a little differently planned than the grouping in China. The whole week we visited the country , we also had press conferences, parades and meetings with the audience, which provided us the most emotions. For Colombians, Poland is an exotic destination, so our country gained great interest. I was very happy that I could tell so much about Poland and our customs. Often, during the parades, the fans tried draw my attention, learning simple words in Polish and calling to me. Often, people gathered on the parade also asked about the footballer – Robert Lewandowski 🙂 . They love football.




7.) I do not hide my great weakness to Mexico and Mexicans, so at the end I would like to ask you about Marilú Acevedo. What do you think about the Reinado Internacional del Café 2017 winner? Have you had the opportunity to get to know her better?

Marilu, the winner of the Reinado Internacional del Cafe 2017, I remember very nice. Admittedly, through the intensity of the grouping, we did not have the opportunity to be close friends, but after several meetings and talks, I thought that she had a great chance to win – she was well prepared for the competition. The day before the final, Marilu gave packages from Mexico for all the candidates, there was a delicious coffee (I love it) and a very nice gift in the form of a cup with inscriptions on it – welcome in all the languages in which spoke the candidates of that edition of the competition..






It is a tradition that my interlocutor also answers a few short questions from the favourite series:

Favourite book?

I admit that through the studies that I pursued in two directions, I did not have time to read non-technical books (technical books that were necessary for me to study). Now  after  I’ve graduated, I hope that there will be more time for pleasure reading literature.

Favourite movie/tv series?

One of my favourite films is The Untouchables (Intouchables), and the tv series is Friends.

Favourite band?

Too much to mention 🙂 . I do not have one favourite band. Depending on the situation, moment or mood, I like listening to different music.

Favourite food?

Definitely spaghetti 🙂 .

Favourite colour?


Person, role model to follow (why)?

During my life I had many role models – depending on what stage of my life I was. However, only one pattern has always been unchangeable – family – parents and sister. Each of them taught me very important things, each of them I could imitate in a different area of ​​life. My mother has always been an example for me, how to respect others and how to be a good person. My Dad was a model in sport – thanks to him I found my passion, volleyball. Sister – many people have often told me that I am following her. And probably it also happened to some point 🙂 . She showed me: you can achieve a lot by yourself.

For what do you like and for what don’t you like people ?

Very important features that I value in the other person are honesty and respect, without this no relationship will survive.

Thank you very much for the interview! I wish you luck and further success!

Thank you very much 🙂 .


Photos. Tomasz Ciesielski, Miss Passion, Reinado Internacional del Cafe

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