Mexicana Universal 2018 – TOP 16

The first two galas of Mexicana Universal behind us! In April 8, the jurors of the mexican reality show selected twelve candidates who topped in TOP 16. The remaining four contestants selected by the audience and jurors were announced on April 15 during the next gala. Here is the sixteen semi-finalists! Unfortunately, in this Sunday two girls will be eliminated from further competition for the crown and lose the chance to participate in Miss Universe 2018. The judges and viewers will decide again who will be eliminated. 

GALA 1 (08/04/2018)

During the first gala of Mexicana Universal, all thirty two participants presented themselves on stage. The girls were divided into four groups: the northern region, the central region, the southern region and the Pacific region. The presentation in the swimsuits of each girls was preceded by the issue of her video-card, and later the jurors announced their decisions about who is going further, and who is in the “danger” zone.

In the first stage, from each eight-person group, the jurors chose two candidates who automatically moved to the TOP 16. In the group of the lucky girls there were eight candidates:

BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR – Juliana Martínez

NUEVO LEÓN – Andrea Merodio

JALISCO – Nebai Torres

SINALOA – Maryely Leal Cervantes


QUERÉTARO – María José Hernández

PUEBLA – Montserrat Curis

VERACRUZ – Martha Briano

YUCATÁN – Anapaola De Anda Aviña

In the second stage, twenty-four girls who found in the “danger zone” had to answer for the jurors questions. Later, all the candidates presented themselves in evening gowns, and the judges decided which four girls secured their promotion to TOP 16:

ZACATECAS – Karely Sandoval

OAXACA – Yarith Cerón

TABASCO – Aranza Molina

COLIMA – Andrea Toscano


GALA 2 (15/04/2018)

A week later, on the 15th of April took place the second gala of Mexicana Universal 2018. Twenty girls who failed to get the promotion to the TOP 16 once again appeared on the stage in swimsuits. Unfortunately, only four girls could find place in TOP 16. The viewers (chose two candidates) and the jurors (chose two candidates) decided about it:

GUERRERO – María Guadalupe Valero (audience)

MICHOACÁN – Leslie González (audience)

SAN LUIS POTOSÍ – Geraldine Machado (judges)

COAHUILA – Priscilla Leal (judges)

In the same evening, the participants, which a certain advance to the TOP 16 one week earlier, presented themselves in evening gowns and answered for the judges questions. Unfortunately, at the end of this gala, the judges had to point out four girls who were sent to the “danger zone”. This coming Sunday (on April 22), two of them will say goodbye with the program. The viewers and the jury will decide again who.

The danger zone included: Yucatán, Sinaloa, Baja California Sur and Nuevo León.


Photos. Mexicana Universal (16) 


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