Mister International 2018: Lebanon

On Sunday, February 24, will take place the final of the 13th edition of Mister International. About 30 candidates from around the world will take part in a ten-day grouping in the Philippines. The finalists will also include 20-year-old Mohamad Taha from Lebanon. Here are the basic information about the footballer from Beirut. Let’s get to know him closer! 



Full Name:  Mohamad Taha

Age: 20

Height: 182 cm

Hometown: Beirut

City of residence: Beirut

Nationality/Citizenship: Lebanese


Profession: footballer

Hobbies: football, modeling, acting




  • He is a goalkeeper in the Al-Safa’ Beirut SC football club. He also plays in the national team of Lebanon.
  • He won 2nd place in the Mister Lebanon 2018.
  • He is a volunteer. He works, among others with children with cancer.









Photos. Mohamad Taha/Instagram, Pictame

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