Trịnh Văn Bảo from Vietnam is the winner of Mister International!

24-year-old Trịnh Văn Bảo from Vietnam won this year’s edition of Mister International. The model defeated over thirty competitors, including Venezuelan Francesco Piscitelli (2nd place) and Waikin Kwan (3rd place) from Hong Kong. Unfortunately, the representatives of Mexico and Poland did not advance to the TOP 15. Piero Renero and Tomasz Zarzycki are returning from the Philippines without success. 

The final of this year’s edition took place in last Sunday, February 24 in the Philippines. During it, the candidates for the Mister International title presented themselves in national costumes, elegant shirts, swimwear and suits (TOP 10). Five best participants selected by the jury also answered for the questions posed by host.

This year’s winner is 24-year-old Trịnh Văn Bảo from Vietnam. The new Mister International measures 185 cm tall. He is a model and gym coach in Ho Chi Minh. He loves beach football and swimming. He dreams of an acting or business career.

        (Trịnh Văn Bảo during the Mister International competition in the Philippines, photo: Ahleks Fusilero, Erik Esperat)

In last year Trịnh took part in the Vietnam Supermodel 2018. He finished contest in 3rd place and received the right to represent Vietnam in the Mister International election.

         (Trịnh Văn Bảo after the results announced, fot. All That Beauty, Drew Francisco)

21-year-old student of nutrition and dietetics Francesco Piscitelli from Venezuela (2nd place) and 26-year-old personal trainer Waikin Kwan from Hong Kong (3rd place) also stood on the podium.

  (from left: Francesco Piscitelli from Venezuela, Trịnh Văn Bảo from Vietnam and Waikin Kwan from Hong Kong, photo: Page One)

TOP 5 was also joined by 26-year-old Mark Kevin Baloaloa from the Philippines and 23-year-old Jiří Kmoníček from the Czech Republic.

Unfortunately, the representatives of Poland and Mexico did not receive the promotion to TOP 15. Tomasz Zarzycki – 25-year-old model from Łódź and Piero Renero – 23-year-old student of international trade from Puebla return from the Philippines without success.

     (Piero Renero from Mexico and Tomasz Zarzycki from Poland during the Mister International election, photo: Ahleks Fusilero)

Handsome Mexican got in TOP 10 of Best National Costume competition.

(Piero Renero in national costume, photo: Missosology)



Place: Country: Full Name: 
1st Runner-Up Venezuela  Francesco Piscitelli
2nd Runner-Up Hong Kong Waikin Kwan
TOP 5  Czech Republic


Jiri Kmonicek

Mark Kevin Baloaloa

TOP 10 Dominican Republic



Puerto Rico


Arturo Paredes

Mathias Duma

Juan Ángel Barragán Gaviria

Julian Rivera

Nick Nolte

TOP 15  Australia





Harrison Luna

Jesus Collado

Tsuyoshi Takimura

Dae Woong Hwang

Duilio Vallebuona


Photo. Mister International

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