Miss Eco International 2019: Poland

On March 30 in Egypt the Miss Eco International 2019 final will be held. Currently a grouping is underway, in which a representative of Poland also takes part. Who is 24-year-old Agata Chrośniak? How would she describe Poland and Poles? What is the biggest problem with the environment in her opinion and how would she convince the jurors that she is the best candidate for Miss Eco International title? Read information about Miss Eco Poland 2019! 


Full Name: Agata Chrośniak

Age: 24

Height: 176 cm

Measurments: 89/64/93

Hometown: Białe Błota

City of residence: Szubin

Citizenship/Nationality: Polish

Education: biotechnology and physiotherapy

Profession: model

Hobbies: modeling, zumba




You represent our country in the Miss Eco International 2019, where dozens of women from all over the globe fight for fight of the title. How would you describe Poland and Poles for your colleagues from different parts of the world?

The beauty of our country could be found in many cities and towns as well as in many unique natural regions, but also in our culture and history. I will talk a lot about Poland, wanting my friends to get to know some of our customs and maybe  to come to visit us sometimes. Experience the kindness and hospitality of Poles. I will tell about our compatriots who have achieved a lot in life, and amazing dishes that are already known around the world.

The idea of ​​Miss Eco International competition focuses on promoting ecology and ways to save the planet. For what modern environmental problems would you pay the most attention as the new Miss Eco Poland and how could be eliminated this problem, in your opinion?

There are many problems related to the environment. One of the biggest is the innumerable trash floating in oceans and seas. Tons of plastics and abandoned fishing nets are destroying the ecosystem. Each of us is responsible for this situation, both littering ourselves and letting others do it. Eliminating this problem will not take several years, the first step to change is to increase our awareness. Using reusable mugs instead of disposable, material bags instead of plastic – ones are just two suggestions which could change so much. Each of us creates reality, each of us has a responsibility to care for the environment.

Never before has the representative of Poland won the Miss Eco International competition. How would you convince jurors that you are the best candidate for this title?

Participation in the competition is a success for me, so I will try to be remembered as an optimistic and friendly person at the grouping. Enjoying every day and seize the opportunity I have received. I will also show that I am responsible for my actions and ready for the challenges associated with the competition.








PHOTOS. Sławomir Brand/Bonder Photography

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