Venezuela will hosts the Miss Grand International 2019! The final will take place on October 25!

Exactly in the middle of March, the Miss Grand International Organization announced the country that will host this year’s edition of this competition. Much to the surprise, the choice fell on Venezuela, a country currently in crisis! The election date remains unchanged – traditionally the final will take place on October 25. That’s when we will meet Miss Grand International 2019 winner! 

We learned about who will host the Miss Grand International 2019 elections from a film on the Miss Grand International Organization’s social media. The material was presented, among others fragments of protests and street fights that have been taking place in Venezuela for several months.

This situation does not inspire the optimism of the competition’s fans. Many of them are afraid that a country in crisis will not be able to provide security and appropriate conditions for participants. However, the organizers emphasize that the elections will definitely take place, and the most beautiful woman will be known traditionally on October 25.

Venezuela will be the second after the United States (2016) country outside Asia, which will organize the grouping and the final of Miss Grand International. Previously, the competition was hosted three times in Thailand (2013-2015) and once in Vietnam (2017) and in Myanmar (2018).


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