Suheyn Cipriani is the winner of Miss Eco International 2019! Agata Chrośniak in TOP 21!

22-year-old Suheyn Cipriani from Peru won this year’s edition of Miss Eco International! Beautiful Peruvian beat over fifty competitors from around the world. TOP 5 also included representatives from Philippines, United States, Ukraine and Malaysia. Miss Eco Poland – Agata Chrośniak was promoted to the TOP 21 competition! Unfortunately, Melissa de Anda from Mexico was not successful. 

The final of Miss Eco International 2019 was held last Friday, March 29 in Cairo. Over fifty candidates took part in it, which presented themselves on stage in eco dresses and evening gowns. The finalists also answered a series of questions.

The title and crown of Miss Eco International 2019 went to the 22-year Miss Eco Peru. Suheyn Cipriani is a model and psychology student. She is involved in social projects for children with physical disabilities.

         (Suheyn Cipriani – Miss Eco Peru 2019, photo. Laurent Goyo)

In October last year, she took part in the Miss Perú 2019, where she represented Lima. In competition she was promoted to the TOP 10.

        (Suheyn Cipriani as Miss Eco International 2019, photos. Miss Eco International, Ahmed Arafa Photography)

Runners-up titles of  Eco International 2019 were awarded to: Maureen Montagne from the Philippines (1st Runner-Up), Jordan Elizabeth from USA (2nd Runner-Up), Diana Voliakova from Ukraine (3rd Runner-Up) and Amy Nurtina from Malaysia (4th Runner-Up).

        (from left: Miss Malaysia, Miss USA, Miss Peru, Miss Philippines and Miss Ukraine, photo: Ahmed Arafa Photography)

In addition to Miss and Runners-Up titles, during the final were selected TOP 10 and TOP 21. Among the twenty-one most beautiful women were the Polish representative – Agata Chrośniak. 24-year-old girl from Białe Błota is a laureate of the Bursztynowa Miss Polski 2017 (Amber Miss Poland 2017). She also a finalist of regional beauty contests in Poland.

        (Agata Chrośniak – Miss Eco Poland 2019, fot. Sławomir Brandt)

More information about the Polish delegate can be found under the link:

Miss Eco International 2019: Poland


Miss Eco International 2019 was also attended by a representative of Mexico. Unfortunately, 22-year-old Melissa de Anda from the León city has not been successful.

        (Miss Eco Mexico 2019 – Melissa de Anda, fot. Miss Eco International)

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