Mexicana Hispanoamericana 2019 title for Regina Peredo!

20-year-old Regina Peredo from Puebla won the title of Mexicana Hispanoamericana 2019 during the Mexicana Universal 2019 grand finale, which took place last Sunday, June 23 in the Mexico City. This means that the beautiful model and marketing student will represent Mexico in the autumn election of Reina Hispanoamericana 2019! 

Regina Peredo Gutiérrez is 20 years old and 173 cm tall. She comes from the Puebla. She is a third year marketing student and model. She is socially and charitable. She is a member of the UPEC association, which focuses on the problem of women’s empowerment and promotion of proper nutrition and human development. In the future, she would like to open her own marketing agency that would support Mexican entrepreneurs.

At the beginning October in last year, Regina Peredo won the Mexicana Universal Puebla state election and became the official representative of the Puebla in this year’s Mexicana Universal pageant.


(Mexicana Hispanoamericana 2019, photo. Miss Mexico News)

On June 16, during the second gala of Mexicana Universal 2019 she was among the sixteen participants who were promoted to TOP 20 by viewers decision.

A week later, during the grand finale, she won the title and the crown of Mexicana Hispanoamericana 2019 and became the same Mexican representative for the autumn election of Reina Hispanoamericana 2019. The coronation was currently carried out by Aranza Molina – 1st Runner-Up of Mexicana Universal 2018, Mexicana Internacional 2018 and 3rd place winner in the Reina Hispanoamericana 2018. 

(Regina Peredo – Mexicana Universal Puebla, photos. Paco Varela)



Title: State: Full Name:
Runner-Up/Suplent Nayarit  Luz Ávila


Photo. Miss Mexico News/Instagram

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