Sofía Aragón is the Mexicana Universal 2019 winner!

On Sunday, June 23, was held the Mexicana Universal 2019 grand final during which was announced the name of the Mexican delegate for this year’s Miss Universe pageant! The title and the crown of the most beautiful Mexican girl and the law to representing the country in the prestigious Miss Universe 2019 went to the 25-year-old Sofía Aragón of Guadalajara! In the battle for the crown, this beautiful acting student, writer, businesswoman and former model defeated thirty competitors!

The Mexicana Universal grand finale took place on Sunday, June 23 in the Mexico City, and was the end of a three-week grouping. As in the previous year, the competition had a reality-show format. There were three live galas. During the last gala was announced the name of Mexicana Universal 2019, Mexicana Internacional 2020 and Mexicana Hispanoamericana 2019 winner’s.

The crown and the main title went to the 25-year-old Sofía Montserrat Aragón Torres from Guadalajara. Mexicana Universal 2019 measures 174 cm tall and is an acting student at the Azteca. Previously, she studied theater makeup in Los Angeles and image and marketing in Guadalajara.

(Sofía Aragón, photo. Miss Mexico News/Facebook)


But this is not the only job of the most beautiful Mexican girl! Sofía Aragón is also a writer, lecturer and businesswoman! In 2015, she opened her own cosmetics company with natural make-up products, however, in 2017 and 2019, she published books on the subject of women’s empowerment. She also works with the Sonrisas Reales Organization. She is a spokesperson for mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

(Sofía Aragón – 2nd Runner-Up of Mexicana Universal Jalisco 2018, fot. Mexicana Universal Jalisco/Facebook)

Sofía also has experience in beauty contests. She participated in the Miss Jalisco 2017, which she finished in 3rd place. A year later she took part in the Mexicana Universal Jalisco 2018 and again took 3rd place. However, it did not prevent her from being promoted to the Mexicana Universal 2019 finalists group and winning national qualifying rounds for the prestigious Miss Universe 2019!

During the grand finale, were also crowned representatives of Mexico for Miss International 2020 and Reina Hispanoamericana 2019. They are 21-year-old Yuridia Durán from Ahuacatlán in Nayarit state, and 20-year-old Regina Peredo from Puebla in Puebla.

(Yuridia Durán – Mexicana Internacional’ 20 and Regina Peredo – Mexicana Hispanoamericana’ 19, photo. Mexicana Universal/Facebook)

The special guest of the Mexicana Universal 2019 great final was Mariem Velazco – the currently reigning Miss International 2018 from Venezuela, who crowned the Mexican representative for the Miss International 2020.



Title: State: Full Name:
MEXICANA UNIVERSAL’ 19  Jalisco Sofía Aragón
1st Runner-Up Nuevo León Claudia Lozano
2nd Runner-Up Yucatán Maru Nava
3rd Runner-Up Colima Ángela Delgado
4th Runner-Up Oaxaca Cintya Avendaño
5th Runner-Up Chiapas Ximena Torres
TOP 20 Baja California






San Luis Potosí




Paola Guerrero

Carolina Gaona

Cristal Rodríguez

Diana Martínez

Samantha Ortega

Carolina Martínez

Aurora Mancilla

Rubí Pérez

Raquel Romero

Miriam Carballo



Title: State: Full Name:
MEXICANA INTERNACIONAL’ 20 Nayarit  Yuridia Durán
Runner-Up/Suplent Chihuahua Marissa Navarro



Title: State: Full Name:
Runner-Up/Suplent Nayarit  Luz Ávila


Photo. Mexicana Universal 

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