Olga Buława will represent Poland in Miss Universe 2019!

Information has spread around the world that 28-year-old Olga Buława – Miss Polski 2018 will represent Poland in this year’s Miss Universe elections, which will most likely take place in Dubai. An interesting fact is that it will be the first time since 1984, when this international competition lacks a representative of the country delegated by the Miss Polonia Office! Here are some information about Miss Universe Poland 2019. 

(Olga Buława – Miss Universe Poland 2019, photo. Raymond Saldana)

Olga Buława is 28 years old and 175 cm tall. She comes from Świnoujście, but lives in Warsaw. She is a master of law and works as a flight attendant at LOT Polish Airlines. She loves travels and fantasy (especially Harry Potter). She rides a bike and longboard.

Olga Buława is the 2nd Runner-Up of Miss West Pomeranian 2018 and the Miss Polski 2018 winner. Miss Universe Poland 2019 title was awarded to her by a new licensee – the organizer of Miss Polski. 

Shocking for many fans may be the fact that for the first time since 1984 to Miss Universe election will not go to a delegate elected by the Miss Polonia Office, which previously owned the franchise. As we can read on the Internet, the Miss Polonia Office has resigned from the license.


Photo. Raymond Saldana


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