Karina Szczepanek will represent Poland in Miss International 2019

The organizers of Miss Polski pageant announced that 24-year-old Karina Szczepanek (2nd Runner-Up of Miss Podlasie 2018 and 1st Runner-Up of Miss Polski 2018) will represent Poland in the Miss International 2019 elections, which will take place at the turn of October and November in Japan. Here are some information about new Miss International Poland 2019. 

(Karina Szczepanek – Miss International Poland 2019, photo. Marta Macha)

Karina Szczepanek is 24 years old and 176 cm tall. She comes from Siemiatycze, but lives in Białystok. She is a student in business management. She works as a beautician. Her hobbies are cosmetology, traveling and dancing. In the past, she trained athletics (high jump and short distance running) and dance (Polish and folk dances). She loves Asian cuisine.

In May last year she took 3rd place in the Miss Podlasie 2018 election (2nd Runner-Up). In December she won the 1st runner-up title in Miss Polski 2018 pageant.

Miss International 2019 elections will be held at the turn of October and November in Japan with the final on November 12 (Tuesday) at Tokyo Dome City Hall.


Photo. Karina Szczepanek/Instagram

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