The success of Kenia Ponce. Miss Mexico with the title of 2nd Runner-Up in Miss United Continents 2019!

On Saturday, September 28 in Guayaquil, Ecuador were held the final of Miss United Continents 2019. The winner is 24-year-old Anairis Cadavid from Colombia, who received the crown from the outgoing miss, Andrea Sáenz from Mexico. A great successfull in this year’s edition was Mexican woman – 26-year-old Kenia Ponce. Miss Mexico took 3rd place and won the 2nd Runner-Up title in Miss United Continents 2019! 

(Kenia Melissa Ponce Beltrán, photo. Ricardo Esquer)

Kenia Melissa Ponce Beltrán is 26 years old and measures 170 cm. She is a graduate of education sciences and works as a television presenter. She loves reading books on historical facts and going to the cinema with his family.

Kenia isn’t a novice in beauty contests. She won the Señorita Fiestas del Sol 2011 pageant. Twice She won the 2nd place in the  Nuestra Belleza Baja California state competition  – in 2015 and 2016. In 2018 she managed to win the Miss Baja California.

The title of Miss México Continentes Unidos 2019 and right to represent Mexico in the Miss United Continents 2019 she won during the final of Miss México 2019 first stage, which took place on June 1 in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas.

The Miss United Continents 2019 pageant took place on September 14-28 in Guayaquil. 31 participants from Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and South America took part in the grouping and final which took place at the Teatro Centro de Arte León Febres-Cordero. On stage, They presented themselves in national costumes, swimsuits and evening gowns.

Kenia Ponce easily advanced to TOP 10 and then to TOP 6. Finally, she finished the competition in third place with the 2nd Runner-Up title. Only 24-year-old Anairis Cadavid from Colombia (Miss United Continents 2019) and 24-year-old Eliza Quiñónez from Ecuador (1st Runner-Up 2019) ahead her!

(Kenia Ponce during the Miss United Continents 2019, photo: Kenia Ponce, Miss Mexico Organization/Instagram, Ricardo Esquer)


PHOTO. Miss Mexico Organization/Instagram

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