Anairis Cadavid from Colombia won the Miss United Continents 2019!

On Saturday, September 28 in Guayaquil, Ecuador held the Miss United Continents 2019 final. The winner of the pageant is 24-year-old Anairis Cadavid from Colombia. The crown was given to her by the outgoing miss – Andrea Sáenz from Mexico. While, runner-up titles went sequentially to Eliza Quiñónez from Ecuador, Kenia Ponce from Mexico, Maneerat Daengprasert from Thailand, Charlotte Miralles from France and Nerone Schutte from South Africa. 31 candidates from five continents took part in the competition. 

This year’s edition of Miss United Continents 2019 took place on September 16-28 in Guayaquil. 31 participants from Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and South America came to the city. Most time of the grouping consisted of on visiting and getting to know Guayaquil. The candidates visited McDonald’s cuisine, Rachy’s restaurant, Pelucas y Postizos beauty center, as well as the San Lorenzo lighthouse in Manta city, and the APRUEC vineyard and packaging plant. Of course, these are  just a few of the attractions that awaited the girls in Ecuador.

Before the grand finale there were also photo sessions, rehearsals and meetings with the jury. Among the judges was, among others Lourdes Padilla Guevara – Miss Ecuador 1979 and participant in Miss World 1979. The final gala took place on Saturday, September 28 at the Teatro Centro de Arte León Febres-Cordero. During the final, the candidates presented themselves in national costumes, swimsuits and evening gowns.

(Anairis Cadavid, fot. Anairis Cadavid/Instagram)

The winner of Miss United Continents 2019 title was 24-year-old Anairis Cadavid from Colombia. Anairis is 170 cm tall and comes from Valledupar city. She graduated in administration in international business. She also has a master’s degree in strategic business management. In her free time she likes to read, exercise, travel and spend time with her family.

Anairis is the winner of Señorita Cesar 2018 regional elections and participant in the national beauty competition – Concurso Nacional de Belleza (Señorita Colombia) 2018.


(Anairis Cadavid during the Miss United Continents 2019 competition, photos: Jorge Luis Gomez, Miss United Continents, Angel Aguirre)

In addition to the Miss United Continents title, the jury awarded five runner-up titles, which went sequentially to 24-year-old chemist and model – Eliza Quiñónez from Ecuador (1st Runner-Up), 26-year-old TV presenter – Kenia Ponce from Mexico (2nd Runner-Up)…

(from the left: Eliza Quiñónez and Kenia Ponce, photos: Miss United Continents, Miss Mexico Organization/Facebook)

…as well as 25-year-old Maneerat Daengprasert from Thailand (3rd Runner-up), 19-year-old Charlotte Miralles from France (4th Runner-Up) and 20-year-old Nerine Schutte from South Africa (5th Runner-Up).

(from the left: Maneerat Daengprasert, Charlotte Miralles, Nerine Schutte, photos: Jorge Luis Gomez)

TOP 10 was completed by Carmen Jaramillo from Panama, Marjory Patiño from Peru, Yekaterina Pavlovna Agapova from Russia and María José Bracho from Venezuela.

Special awards were given to: Kenia Ponce from Mexico (Miss Hotel Punta del Mar), Eliza Quiñónez from Ecuador (Miss Comecsa, best smile and best national costume), Daniellee Reddie from Jamaica (Miss Azaleia), María José Bracho from Venezuela (best figure), Josseline Camacho from Bolivia (Miss Friendship) and Anairis Cadavid from Columbia (Miss Cielo).


PHOTO. Miss United Continents/Facebook

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