Miss Grand International 2019: Curacao-Guadeloupe

On Friday, October 25 at the Poliedro de Caracas hall in Venezuela will take place the final gala of this year’s Miss Grand International. 59 candidates are competing for the Miss Grand International 2019 title. Among them are Liane Bonofacia from Curaçao, Maria Boichenko from Czech Republic, Stéphanie Bustamante from Dominican Republic, Esraa Abdelmoneim Albelasi from Egypt, Mara Topić Verduga from Ecuador, Olga Ortíz from El Salvador, Eliise Randmaa from Estonia, Samantha Ashley Lo from Philippines, Cassandra De Sousa from France and Nahémy Ceriac from Guadeloupe. Here are information about these finalists! 


(Liane Bonofacia, photo. Liane Bonofacia/Instagram)


Full Name: Liane Bonofacia

Age: 27 years

Height: 172 cm

City: Willemstad

Education: graduate in psychology

Hobbies: drawing, volunteering, learning



(Maria Boichenko, photo. Anna Koniaeva Photo)


Full Name: Maria Boichenko

Age: 23 years

Height: 175 cm

City: Prague

Education: student of art management, graduate in socio-economic data analysis

Hobbies: singing, playing the piano, painting, photography


(Stéphanie Bustamante, photo. Freddy Cruz Photo Film)


Full Name: Stéphanie Bustamante

Age: 27 years

Height: 175 cm

City: Paterson

Education: graduate of social communication, public relations specialist

Hobbies: modeling, dance, research



(Esraa Albelasi, photo. Esraa Abdelmoneim Albelasi/Instagram)


Full Name: Esraa Abdelmoneim Albelasi

Age: 26 years

Height: 172 cm

City: Cairo

Education: a graduate of business administration

Hobbies: dance, modeling, painting, travelling



(Mara Topić Verduga, photo. Miss Grand International)


Full Name: Mara Topić Verduga

Age: 24 years

Height: 177 cm

City: Guayaquil, Los Angeles

Education: MA in scriptwriting, audiovisual producer

Hobbies: acting, writing, modeling, reading, dancing



(Olga Ortíz, photo. Rawstyle)


Full Name: Olga Ortíz

Age: 25 years

Height: 175 cm

City: Usulután

Education: graduate of social communication

Hobbies: reading, cooking, spending time with family, running



(Eliise Randmaa, photo. Eliise Randmaa/Instagram)


Full Name: Eliise Randmaa

Age: 19 years

Height: 172 cm

City: Kirna, Tallinn

Education: student of IT systems development

Hobbies: athletics, volunteering, travel, organization of events, dance (showdance), makeup, modeling



(Samantha Ashley Lo, photo. Samantha Ashley Lo/Instagram)


Full Name: Samantha Ashley Lo

Age: 26 years

Height: 172 cm

City: Cebu

Education: student of nursing

Hobbies: running, football, snorkeling, rafting, horse riding, travel and tourism, reading



(Cassandra De Sousa, photo. Francis Desj)


Full Name: Cassandra De Sousa

Age: 24 years

Height: 172 cm

City: Dreux

Education: graduate of hairdressing school, professional hairdresser

Hobbies: sport, shopping, photo session, modeling



(Nahémy Ceriac, fot. Nahémy Ceriac/Instagram)


Full Name: Nahémy Ceriac

Age: 22 years

Height: 180 cm

City: Abymes

Education: podiatrist, medical student

Hobbies: singing, juggling with chopsticks, fashion



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